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Crazed_Yak 08-01-2009 02:37 PM

FusionBB help
I have assumed the webmaster position of a group I belong to. Unfortunately I had to assume this because the other guy lost interest. The current board is boring and old.

I would like to spice it up some, but my Web Mind Powers are weak. I know next to nothing. To top it off the page was created using FusionBB which I know exactly nothing about.

1) Does anyone have a "Dummy's guide to FussionBB" or anything like that?

2) Are there limitations to using FusionBB that may hold me back?

3) Are there any known threats to FusionBB that I need to be aware of for security purposes?

Thanks for any inputs... Sloan

jetnet 08-04-2009 10:25 AM

Re: FusionBB help
I know nothing about it. I know very little about the one we use here vBulletin. Normally Nix takes care of it, and every now and then I do something little to it. So sorry, no help there.

Here are the known bugs: http://www.fusionbb.com/forum/bugindex.php

And thats about it. Sorry.

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