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the only thing that makes me believe that dumbledore really did die is the fact that his picture appeared in his office along with all the other dead headmasters

but it couldve been planned all along.. because if i remember right he didnt talk or anything.. so it couldve just been a normal picture that moves..

yeah i think harry is going to have to sacrifice himself to get rid of voldemort.. i really think hes a horcrux.. but like you said, he will probably find a way to survive/come back to life..

i think thats why snape told the other death eaters that harry has to be saved for voldemort.. that they cant kill him.. besides the fact that he really is a good guy, i think voldemort is going to try to capture harry and keep him alive because if he dies, thats 1/7 or whatever of his soul that gets destroyed..

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