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I have my theory as to what is going to happen in book 7. Yes, I think that Snape will become the more or less key to the undoing of Voldamort. The reason I think this is because Snape could and would have easily killed Harry if he had wanted to when he had disarmed him and had him laying there. If he was with Voldamort, he should have finished him then, and make Voldamort happy. But insted, he left him. Now sure, it was mentioned that Harry was suppose to be left for Voldamort, but he could have Stupified him and carried him, but he didnt.

I believe that R.A.B. is Regulus Black. And I think that the locket that they mentioned in book 6 that was in 12 grimmuald place that no one could open, and was thrown out has been collected by Kreacher and has it in his nest.

As far as the other Horcruxes, who knows. I just finished it, so I havent had any time to reflect.
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