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I dont think that he wanted harry to watch him die, I think he wanted Harry to live, and not get involved.

And I know that he planned his death, or at least told Snape that Harry's life is more important then mine, and that Snapes position in the Death Eaters was more important then anything else. So I think that he was pleeding for Snape to kill him because he did not want Draco to do it. I also think that Draco is all in all good, but wrestles with what Voldamort was pushing him into. So I would bet that when all is said and done, that Snape is good, Draco is good, Lucious dies, Snape will most likely die, Harry will most likely die, but either the Pheonix or his mother's love will save him. Voldamort (drum roll please...) dies, and that possiably, very slight chance that Dumbldore MIGHT not actually be dead, but thats a HUGH might. Cause who is to say that Snape didnt flick his wand the wrong way or a differant way, say Avra Kadarava (sp?) but do a non-verbal spell that just lifted Dumbledor off the edge, to give the appearance, and Haggrid save him, who knows. Point is, he MIGHT come back, I just dont know.
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