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Re: Looking To Buy A New Car

Originally Posted by JOEBOOWORK View Post
Unfortunately Brian, many states have mandatory ethanol blends even in superior grade fuels. Tis the case here in Illinois.

On a side note, I had a '91 Nissain 2X4 shortbed and I put 280k on that S.O.B. before it eventually went tits up in grand fashion. To date it was the best running, most reliable vehicle I've ever owned.
You might double check on that; I don't believe Illinois is a mandatory E10 state (yet).

Very few states are, for the fact that E10 has severe compatibility issues with emergency generators, 2-cycle engines, aircraft engines, etc.

It does strike me as funny that the branches of government that are pushing for mandatory E10 in all states, are the same tree-hugging hippy asshats who push for higher MPG vehicles, not realizing that ethanol blends reduce mileage typically anywhere from %20-40... My guess is those same people have corn in their pockets they can't get rid of...

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