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Re: New AR I am looking at

Originally Posted by B A View Post
two things.

First, your SEAL buddy is a shooter, not a gunsmith. Its like asking a driver about a cars potential issues instead of a mechanic.

Second, his experience with SIG is limited to the MK25, basically an upgraded p226, and possibly the 552 (which is exclusivly made at Sig headquarters.

As far as finding the daniel defense, I could help you with that.

All that said, in the end its your gun. If youre dead set on it, buy it, and take it to a competent gunsmith and ask him to check the staking on the bolt carrier key, the receiver extension, and to check the gas port size.

Take the free opinions and advice for what they are worth.
Thank you. That was helpful information. I will take it to a gunsmith and get them to check that out.
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