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Hp 5

Saw the midnight showing of HP 5 tonight.

I thought it was pretty good.. It definitely left out A LOT but that was expected.

It would be nice if they made these movies 4 1/2 hours long like lord of the rings to include everything they need, but i guess its aimed at a young audience.

What are your guys' thoughts about the movie?


I thought it was really rushed.. they could have added on another 20 mins or so and included a lot of the stuff they left out..

The occlumency part with Snape was cut short.. no pensieve..

No dobby at all
No mundungus
no quidditch
Not much at all as far as pre-school events go

Didn't do much explaining with the prophecy and how it was trelawney that made it

No St. Mungos

and I could probably go on and on and on

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