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Re: Full auto or not?

Originally Posted by whip69 View Post
If you had the chance to get a full auto AR15/M16 (however you want to look at it) Would you get it?
No. Full-auto is a waste of money, both in the cost of the Class 3 firearm and in the ammo you're going to blow through. That's not even taking into consideration the legal hoops you have to jump through. Hope you like reloading, because for every 1 shot that hits your target, at least 4 won't. Compare that with a semi-auto that you can fire quickly, but every shot will be on target and you won't have to reload nearly as often.

Full auto is for bragging rights and suppressive fire.. or for random spray into a horde of zombies. I'd take precise semi-auto firing over full-auto 99% of the time. The only times I'd take full auto.. is when my magazine holds FAR more than 30 rounds: 90+ round Beta C mags, 75+ round AK/Thompson drums, and belt-fed MGs. What's the point of spraying out 30 rounds in 2-3 seconds if you're only hitting with less than 10 of them? I'd rather have 30 rounds of 30 rounds actually hit a target in a span of ~10 seconds instead.
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whip69 (06-02-2010)
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Re: Full auto or not?

LOL! A blast from the past!

I've been able to play with the full auto and it's fun to burn ammo but You guys are right. Not worth the hassle or the cost of ammo now.
"The computer allows you to make mistakes faster than any other invention, with the possible exception of handguns and tequila."

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SkywayTA (06-03-2010)
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Re: Full auto or not?

3 round bursts PWN semi-auto

full auto is fun, but, yeah... wastes bullets unless you're pushing back a force of camel jockeys (yes, I said camel jockeys)

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Re: Full auto or not?

full auto depends on the weapon. every man in here has been able to get multilple head shots with one clip using a pdw in full auto. The ret barely changes when you side step.
Nutop,Nov 5 2004, 04:03 PM
ps: fuck james

SoD Beni,Nov 21 2004, 02:45 AM
Shut up, James, you're dumb as hell.
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kc5deb (06-09-2010)

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