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Springfield Arms model 1840

Recently came into possesion of this musket.

It has the SPRING/FIELD/1940 as well as the US and flying eagle on the Lock plate
V/P/Eagle Head on the barrel
It has been converted to percussion with the belgium style conversion
has all the requisite hardware, and appears to be in "working" order.
It is pretty beat up, so I would put it somewhere around 20%

It also has a very faint cartouch of AJ in a circle on the left hand side near the trigger guard.

Anybody got a faint clue ball park what this thing might be worth?
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Re: Springfield Arms model 1840

this is dependant on three main things.

1) current condition
2) armory of manufacture
3) provenance (who owned it, was it used to pop someone famous, etc)

Without knowing these things, 500 bucks to 1k for your average garden variety one.

Of note, it may be worth getting with springfield, and any collector websites to research it, you might have something valuable. I, for instance, have a very old colt single action army, it would be worth 2-3k based on age and condition. But it was owned by someone who was famous, and it makes it more desireable. To the point that Im not even sure its worth.

Do your research, make sure you dont have a priceless weapon before you sell it.
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