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Ok, yesterday i had a mission, and i succeeded!

The scene: Check Six. Game 14... host: Force_Xen

Throughout the day i had observed Force_Xen's AFKness in this room

Now it had two people in it, Force_Xen (host) and Force_Echo (does this mean i can delete Force_Striker from my zfriends list !@?) It was clear that they had been AFK for hours, and then, my mission popped into my head! I was going to fill that room, even though the host was AFK...

In the end, i was succesful (screenie) (click screenie for original size, thanks to conq, plz not filename of the thumbnail ty)

Mind you, the host wasnt even there yet there were 16 people in there!

The full (well almost) transcript of what happened: (the first line wasnt seen on my screen but i added it as an extra to signify the start)

TUS_Tomcat> Force_Echo
(Enter)> AgedPilot
AgedPilot> evening all........
TUS_Tomcat> i think no ones here but me
(Enter)> tsuaf
AgedPilot> hiya tom
(Exit)> tsuaf
(Enter)> tsuaf
TUS_Tomcat> lets get 16 player room with afk host
AgedPilot> k
TUS_Tomcat> hey pilot, i just flew!
TUS_Tomcat> in a Curtiss Hawk
(Enter)> _7thInf_Akira
(Exit)> tsuaf
AgedPilot> congrats man.......
TUS_Tomcat> in a flightsim
(Enter)> AI_SmoKinGunZs_
TUS_Tomcat> and i shot down two Messerschmitts
AgedPilot> what u think....
AgedPilot> heh
(Enter)> _9thinf_twista
_9thinf_twista> sup
(Exit)> AI_SmoKinGunZs_
TUS_Tomcat> i dont know what im thinking
AgedPilot> heh
(Enter)> TUS_Conqueror
TUS_Conqueror> tcccccccccc
TUS_Tomcat> conq
TUS_Tomcat> what was the pass?
AgedPilot> hi conq
TUS_Tomcat> to the SoD_Q game
TUS_Conqueror> coop
TUS_Tomcat> i couldnt get in
TUS_Conqueror> sup pilot
TUS_Tomcat> oh
TUS_Conqueror> shoulda beeped tc
TUS_Conqueror> !
TUS_Tomcat> i tried conqisaslut
_7thInf_Akira> hey any of you have win XP?
AgedPilot> lol
_9thinf_twista> yea
(Enter)> InspekdaGecko
TUS_Tomcat> actually i didnt
TUS_Conqueror> i take it rob isnt' here?
_9thinf_twista> not on this comp tho
(Enter)> SoD_Ron_Jeremy_
TUS_Tomcat> course he aibr
TUS_Tomcat> aint*
TUS_Conqueror> yes
TUS_Conqueror> just what i suspected
_7thInf_Akira> was it hard to get it to run RS?
TUS_Conqueror> nice NW btw TC
TUS_Tomcat> this is just my quest to get a room full with an afk host
_9thinf_twista> xp sux ass
(Exit)> InspekdaGecko
TUS_Tomcat> ty conq it surprises me
TUS_Tomcat> conq ho was vacation?
TUS_Tomcat> how*
TUS_Conqueror> very good ty
_9thinf_twista> akira is he here?
TUS_Tomcat> i saw you got attacke
TUS_Tomcat> d
TUS_Tomcat> was it bad?
TUS_Conqueror> ya
TUS_Conqueror> nah
TUS_Conqueror> just got attacked now even
AgedPilot> had to reinstall u ops today..
TUS_Conqueror> clan we may want to lay the smack down on
TUS_Tomcat> i was like ok lets bitchslap that guy but he was like 150k below attackable NW doh
TUS_Conqueror> they only have 3 good guys
TUS_Conqueror> lol
AgedPilot> comp just cleared it...weird..
TUS_Tomcat> i got 1000 B2s
TUS_Tomcat> i got 7 nukes or so
TUS_Tomcat> with another on the way i think
TUS_Conqueror> damn nice
TUS_Tomcat> some folks left while you were gone !?
(Enter)> NAA_Yak
AgedPilot> hey tom,, if u want to e-mail me ,,so u can get those 10 extra plays... do it mate....
TUS_Conqueror> ya i saw that
NAA_Yak> Bootchie
TUS_Tomcat> ok
TUS_Conqueror> bgs
TUS_Tomcat> but you gotta actually play *afew time man
TUS_Tomcat> you up for it?
TUS_Conqueror> whoops i had dnd on
TUS_Conqueror> tc u have w3 yet?
TUS_Tomcat> yes i noticed conq
TUS_Tomcat> not legally
AgedPilot> damn....havnt the time mate ..
TUS_Tomcat> i aint gonna get it
TUS_Tomcat> lol
TUS_Conqueror> why not!@?
NAA_Yak> who is CL of AUO clan?
TUS_Conqueror> you are set on being a bger tc!??!
(Enter)> Ice_FuJax
TUS_Conqueror> heh
TUS_Conqueror> how goes it YaK?
(Exit)> Ice_FuJax
TUS_Tomcat> conq plz
_9thinf_twista> 7th this is funny
TUS_Tomcat> i gotta save up for new comp and raven shield
NAA_Yak> it goes rough but I got tommorow off so it is nice right now
(Enter)> evilest_vet
_7thInf_Akira> what is
_9thinf_twista> these clans are fuckin funny as hell
_7thInf_Akira> heh
TUS_Conqueror> well that's good
_9thinf_twista> all they do it bitch bitch bitch
TUS_Conqueror> be like me tc
TUS_Conqueror> pray you can get away with just a better card
TUS_Conqueror> sry to hear it's rough right now though Yak
_7thInf_Akira> brb
(Exit)> _7thInf_Akira
AgedPilot> thats the trouble with most clans *friend..
_9thinf_twista> and they aint even listenin we can say all the shit we want
(Exit)> _9thinf_twista
NAA_Yak> we are busting ass just in case something in Iraq goes down
TUS_Conqueror> jeez
TUS_Tomcat> yak = ?
NAA_Yak> crazedyak = yak
TUS_Conqueror> think it's very likely?
NAA_Yak> very
AgedPilot> yep
(Enter)> TinaSweden
NAA_Yak> actually more than that = absolute
TUS_Tomcat> yak
TUS_Tomcat> i mean
TUS_Tomcat> yak = what in real life that has got to do with iraq?
TUS_Conqueror> wow
NAA_Yak> i'm in the US Navy tc
TUS_Tomcat> rgr
TUS_Tomcat> dont happen to fly Tomcats do ya?
AgedPilot> lol
NAA_Yak> tomahawk missile and torpedo technician
TUS_Tomcat> rgr
TUS_Tomcat> sub?
AgedPilot> talking of that tc
TUS_Tomcat> 688?
NAA_Yak> i work on subs *but i'm not on them
TUS_Tomcat> ahh
(Enter)> Force_Second
AgedPilot> poss,, iraq has a mia of the usa........
TUS_Tomcat> the Tomcat guy
Force_Second> ugly *boys
TUS_Conqueror> mia?
TUS_Tomcat> missing in action
TUS_Conqueror> missin in aciton/
TUS_Conqueror> ah
TUS_Tomcat> +g
AgedPilot> missing in action
NAA_Yak> all of them boomers, 688's, 638's
TUS_Tomcat> -aciton + action
TUS_Tomcat> 688 a boomer?
NAA_Yak> no 688 is los angeles class fast attack
TUS_Tomcat> dont know much about subs
TUS_Tomcat> yeah i thought so 688 is LA class
(Exit)> evilest_vet
AgedPilot> shot down....believed killed,, but now they put him in mia catagoury
TUS_Tomcat> weird ass shit
NAA_Yak> brb *afk 1 sec
TUS_Tomcat> heard his wife remarried
AgedPilot> our guys looking.......
TUS_Tomcat> conq i got 7 nukes with anothe on the way 19.5 hours
AgedPilot> she did..
TUS_Conqueror> wow
TUS_Tomcat> gonna build another one
(Exit)> TinaSweden
TUS_Tomcat> one more nuke arriving in 1 day
TUS_Conqueror> sweet
TUS_Tomcat> 204k money left, 0 turns
TUS_Tomcat> lol
TUS_Conqueror> lol gg
TUS_Tomcat> got 500 raptors, 300 mig29s, 270 harriers and 1000 b2 bombers
(Enter)> NAA_DINGO
NAA_DINGO> hi yak
(Enter)> JwA_Nutop
NAA_Yak> hiya Dingo
TUS_Tomcat> .
JwA_Nutop> hi
NAA_Yak> i got 530 B-52's * other than that i don't have much * *my army got crushed last night
TUS_Tomcat> B-2s *
NAA_Yak> clan war = bg's
(Enter)> SoD_BMaN1
(Enter)> _OSS_AESOP
NAA_Yak> b-2 correction
AgedPilot> by tom,,probably heh
NAA_Yak> sup Blunty
TUS_Conqueror> bg
SoD_BMaN1> y0o0o
JwA_Nutop> whas your province id
NAA_Yak> i *lost all that infantry i had
NAA_Yak> who nut?
TUS_Tomcat> whose?
TUS_Conqueror> ryan have u been playin w3?
TUS_Tomcat> nutop
(Exit)> _OSS_AESOP
TUS_Tomcat> are you in AUO?
SoD_BMaN1> my is is 45261
(Enter)> _PhReAkShOw_
TUS_Tomcat> i got 1000 b2s omg !@?
SoD_BMaN1> o *got nw=668
(Enter)> UH_Kos
JwA_Nutop> nos irrr
NAA_Yak> i'm in RM with blunty, Black, Wolf and RH
JwA_Nutop> and no tc im not
SoD_BMaN1> no wait 678
JwA_Nutop> when you left rob teh ggs in w3 died
NAA_Yak> mine is like 175 now
TUS_Tomcat> what kindda research you guys got?
NAA_Yak> not enough
TUS_Tomcat> i got full market discount, fullk missile accuracy, and full money production
NAA_Yak> next round i will do so much better
TUS_Tomcat> lol
TUS_Tomcat> 25000 income an hour cough
NAA_DINGO> what game is that yak?
(Enter)> CA_AfTerBuRN2
TUS_Tomcat> kos
TUS_Tomcat> !@?
NAA_Yak> i didn't realize what i was doing until too late
TUS_Tomcat> omg were almost there
TUS_Tomcat> someone plz get in this game
NAA_Yak> Nukezone * www.nukezone.nu
TUS_Tomcat> we need 16
(Exit)> SoD_BMaN1
TUS_Tomcat> shit
TUS_Tomcat> yes he is
TUS_Tomcat> he brb
TUS_Tomcat> he told me
_PhReAkShOw_> now we need two more...
TUS_Tomcat> we need 16 players tho
TUS_Tomcat> for a screenshot
TUS_Tomcat> kos he is gettin a pizza
TUS_Tomcat> and a banana ^^
UH_Kos> ECHO....ECHO.....ECHO.............ECHO.....ECHO
NAA_Yak> maybe he went for banana's
(Enter)> Force_Hound
AgedPilot> i got the beer.......
TUS_Tomcat> hound!
TUS_Tomcat> one left!
Force_Hound> fellas!
TUS_Tomcat> someone join
Force_Hound> wasabi
NAA_Yak> sup Houndy
(Enter)> _K_dowg_
UH_Kos> ECHO....ECHO.....ECHO.............ECHO.....ECHO
UH_Kos> ECHO....ECHO.....ECHO.............ECHO.....ECHO
UH_Kos> ECHO....ECHO.....ECHO.............ECHO.....ECHO
JwA_Nutop> echo
AgedPilot> yay.........
NAA_Yak> when does new round start?
TUS_Tomcat> i did it
JwA_Nutop> yak whats your province id
TUS_Tomcat> we did it
_PhReAkShOw_> lol
TUS_Tomcat> there was two people in this game
TUS_Tomcat> xen, and echo
NAA_Yak> 48961
TUS_Tomcat> and i went in there knowing they were afk
TUS_Tomcat> with one goal
TUS_Tomcat> to get 16 people in there with AFK host
_PhReAkShOw_> lmao
(Exit)> _K_dowg_
TUS_Tomcat> ty gg
(Enter)> lapd_swat_luke
TUS_Tomcat> gtss
AgedPilot> congrats tc...
TUS_Tomcat> thanks
TUS_Tomcat> report soon at message.tusclan.com
UH_Kos> ECHO....ECHO.....ECHO.............ECHO.....ECHO
lapd_swat_luke> hi all
CA_AfTerBuRN2> come on host launch this baby
JwA_Nutop> oops
JwA_Nutop> i used all my turns
_PhReAkShOw_> lmao host is afk
CA_AfTerBuRN2> oh well
(Exit)> CA_AfTerBuRN2
NAA_Yak> Xen and Echo are still in bed together?
AgedPilot> long while *heh
_PhReAkShOw_> How long has he been afk?
TUS_Tomcat> hes been afk for hours lol
TUS_Tomcat> lmao
_PhReAkShOw_> god.....
_PhReAkShOw_> Goodbye....
(Exit)> _PhReAkShOw_
TUS_Tomcat> im gonna post a transcript

i then saved it in a notepad file, there was some more chatting but i couldnt save the rest cause suddenly (at that point 15/16 players) Xen launched the game!

woohoo, it was the crown on my work

ty ggs !?

(Edited by Tomcat84 at 11:24 am on Aug. 5, 2002)

Originally Posted by B A View Post
I dont even try to be smooth anymore... I simply ask if they want to have their brains fucked out by a depraved sex maniac.

Most of the time I get slapped, told to fuck off, ect, but every once in a while I find a very dirty lil girl.
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your ss cuts off all the people in the room. lol
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Force Xen
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I am very proud of you Boris.I caught myself left clicking on the names to check their pings!

(Edited by Force Xen at 11:26 am on Aug. 5, 2002)
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ok final edit is up

Originally Posted by B A View Post
I dont even try to be smooth anymore... I simply ask if they want to have their brains fucked out by a depraved sex maniac.

Most of the time I get slapped, told to fuck off, ect, but every once in a while I find a very dirty lil girl.
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lmao gg
"you motherfuckers act like the discussions on this board are worth more than the jizz that covers half you motherfuckers keyboards" - fred 03
"i say fuck pride, we are all equally worthless" - Fred 05
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