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You can not vote!
You can not vote!

If you open your winamp and go to Misc Button (Bottom) > Misc Options > Generate MP3 Playlist you can get a whole list of your songs...

2Pac - Changes
2Pac - Hellrazor
2Pac - R U Still Down
2Pac - So Many Tears
2Pac - Troublesome '96
2Pac ft. Dr. Dre - California Love
2Pac ft. Dramacydal - Me Against The World
2Pac ft. Nate Dogg - All About U
2Pac ft. Snoop Dogg - 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
2Pac ft. Strech - God Bless The Dead
Ashanti - Foolish
Ashanti - Happy
Avant - Makin' Good Love
Avril Lavigne - Complicated
Beanie Segal ft. Freeway - Roc Da Mic
Big Pun - It's So Hard
Big Pun - Still Not A Player
Big Tymers - Still Fly
Blink 182 - Adams Song
Blink 182 - What's My Age Again
Britney Spears - Overprotected
Busta Rhymes - Break Ya Neck
Busta Rhymes - Pass The Courvosier (Remix)
Camron - Oh Boy!
Clipse ft. Pharrell - Grindin'
Creed - Bullets
Creed - My Sacrifice
Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar
DJ Quik - Trouble
DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem
Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg - Still Dre
E 40 ft. Fabolous - Automatic
Eminem - 'Till I Collapse
Eminem - Business
Eminem - Hailie's Song
Eminem - My Dad's Gone Crazy
Eminem - Say What You Say
Eminem - Soldier
Eminem - Superman
Eminem - Without Me
Eve ft. Alicia Keys - Gangsta Lovin'
Fabolous ft. P. Diddy & J.E. - Trade It All (Remix)
Fat Joe ft. Ja Rule & Ashanti - What's Luv? (feat Ja-Rule and Ashanti)
Fat Joe ft. R.Kelly - We Thuggin'
Ja Rule - Holla Holla
Ja Rule ft. Ashanti - Always On Time
Ja Rule ft. Charli - Down Ass Bitch
Ja Rule ft. Vita & Ashanti - Down 4 U
Jagged Edge feat. Nelly - Where The Party At
Jennifer Lopez - If You Had My Love
Jennifer Lopez ft. Nas - I'm Gonna Be Alright
Knoc-turn'al - Muzik
Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Ludacris - Area Codes
Ludacris - Move Bitch
Ludacris - Rollout
Ludacris - Saturday (Oooh Oooh)
Ludacris ft. Jermaine Dupri - Welcome To Atlanta
Mack 10 - Connected For Life
Michelle Branch - All You Wanted
Michelle Branch - Everywhere
Michelle Branch - You Set Me Free
N.O.R.E. - Nothin'
Nas - One Mic
Nelly - #1
Nelly - E.I.
Nelly - Hot In Herre
Nelly - Nellyville
Nelly - Ride Wit Me
Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland
Nelly Furtado - I'm Like a Bird
Nickelback - This Is How You Remind Me
Nickelback - Too Bad
No Doubt - Hella Good
No Doubt - Hey Baby
P. Diddy ft. Usher - I Need A Girl
P. Diddy ft. Usher - I Need A Girl Pt. 2
Paulina Rubio - Don't Say Goodbye
Shade Sheist feat.Timbaland - Money Owners
Shakira - Underneath Your Clothes
Shakira - Whenever, Wherever
Soluna - For All Time
Styles P ft. Pharoah Monch - My Life
Usher - U Got It Bad
Usher - U Don't Have To Call
Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
Vanessa Carlton - Ordinary Day
WC ft. Nate Dogg - The Streets
Xecutioners - It's Going Down
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JwA GoAt
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Hmm, that list is pewp. Anyway, here's mine:

311 - Amber
311 - Come Original
311 - I'll Be here a while
311 - You Wouldn't Believe
At The Drive In - Arc Arsenal.mp3
At The Drive In - Catacombs.mp3
At The Drive In - Track 10
At The Drive In - Enfilade.mp3
At The Drive In - Extracurricular.mp3
At The Drive In - Invalid Litter Dept..mp3
At The Drive In - Mannequin Republic.mp3
At The Drive In - Non-Zero Possibility.mp3
At The Drive In - One Armed Scissor.mp3
At The Drive In - Pattern Against User.mp3
At The Drive In - Quarantined .mp3
At The Drive In - Rolodex Propaganda.mp3
At The Drive In - Sleepwalk Capsules.mp3
Audiovent - Back And Forth.mp3
Audiovent - Beautiful Addiction.mp3
Audiovent - Gravity.mp3
Audiovent - I Can't Breathe.mp3
Audiovent - Looking Down.mp3
Audiovent - One Small Choice.mp3
Audiovent - Rain.mp3
AudioVent - Stalker
Audiovent - Sweet Frustration.mp3
Audiovent - The Energy.mp3
Audiovent - Underwater Silence.mp3
Audiovent - When I Drown.mp3
Barenaked Ladies - Pinch Me.mp3
Camp Lo - Black Nostaljack.mp3
Camp Lo - Coolie High.mp3
Camp Lo - Glo.mp3
Camp Lo - Luchini.mp3
Camp Lo - Mercedes.mp3
Camp Lo - Park Joint.mp3
Camp Lo - Sunkiss.mp3
Camp Lo - Uptown Saturday Night (feat. Ish a.k.a. Butterfly).mp3
Camp-Lo-Rockin' It a.k.a. Spanish Harlem.mp3
DJ Honda f. Camp Lo - Disco.mp3
Coldplay - Trouble.mp3
Coldplay - Yellow.mp3
Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities(Acoustic).mp3
Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities.mp3
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By.mp3
Dropkick Murphy's - The Gauntlet.mp3
Flickerstick - Beautiful.mp3
Flickerstick - Chloroform.mp3
Flickerstick - Coke.mp3
Flickerstick - Direct Line To The Telepathic.mp3
Flickerstick - Execution By Xmas Light.mp3
Flickerstick - Fade Into You.mp3
Flickerstick - Got a Feeling.mp3
Flickerstick - Hey.mp3
Flickerstick - International.mp3
Flickerstick - Lift.mp3
Flickerstick - right way to fly.mp3
Flickerstick - Smile.mp3
Flickerstick - Supersonic Dreamer.mp3
Flickerstick - Talk Show Host.mp3
Flickerstick - You're So Hollywood.mp3
Group X - Cheese.mp3
Group X - Come Arabian.mp3
Group X - Dat Cerreal Bawx.mp3
Group X - Don't Touch That.mp3
Group X - Good Girl Yes, Bad Girl No.mp3
Group X - I Just Want (Bang Bang Bang).mp3
Group X - Idioth.mp3
Group X - Johnny Poopoopants.mp3
Group X - Schfifty-Five.mp3
Group X - Sehventain Year-es.mp3
Group X - Soccer.mp3
Group X - Super Mario Twins.mp3
Group X - Too Many Guys.mp3
Busta Rhymes - What it is.mp3
Methodman and Redman - Da Rockwilder.mp3
Methodman and Redman - Y.O.U..mp3
The Crystal Method - Name Of The Game.mp3
The Roots & BT - Tao of the Machine.mp3
Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph.mp3
Hoobastank - Running Away.mp3
Deftones, Incubus & Adam Sandler - Be Quiet and Drive (Acoustic - MTV Special).mp3
Incubus - Are You In (live 1-25-02).mp3
Incubus - Deep Inside (Acoustic).mp3
Incubus - Drive (Acoustic (Live At MTV).mp3
Incubus - I Miss You (acoustic).mp3
Incubus - Out From Under (acoustic).mp3
Incubus Live - Warning.mp3
Incubus Live - Wish You Were Here.mp3
Incubus Live @ MTV Acoustic - No Scrubs.mp3
Incubus Live @ MTV Acoustic - Certain Shade Of Green.mp3
Incubus Live @ MTV Acoustic - Summer Romance.mp3
Incubus Live @ SnoCore - The Warmth.mp3
Incubus- Pardon Me (Live at Ozzfest 2000).mp3
Incubus - 11am.mp3
Incubus - A Certain Shade of Green.mp3
Incubus - Anti-Gravity Love Song (Summer Romance).mp3
Incubus - Aqueous Transmission.mp3
Incubus - Are You In.mp3
Incubus - Azwethinkweiz.mp3
Incubus - Battlestar Scralatchtica.mp3
Incubus - Blood On The Ground.mp3
Incubus - Calgone.mp3
Incubus - Circles.mp3
Incubus - Clean.mp3
Incubus - Consequence.mp3
Incubus - Crowded Elevator.mp3
Incubus - Damnation.mp3
Incubus - Deep Inside.mp3
Incubus - Drive (orchestral studio version).mp3
Incubus - Drive.mp3
Incubus - Echo.mp3
Incubus - Familiar.mp3
Incubus - Favorite Things.mp3
Incubus - Glass.mp3
Incubus - Have You Ever.mp3
Incubus - Hilikus
Incubus - I Miss U.mp3
Incubus - Idiot Box.mp3
Incubus - Just A Phase.mp3
Incubus - Make Yourself.mp3
Incubus - Medium.mp3
Incubus - Mexico (Raging Fucking Death Remix).mp3
Incubus - Mexico
Incubus - Nebula.mp3
Incubus - New Skin.mp3
Incubus - Nice To Know You.mp3
Incubus - Nowhere Fast.mp3
Incubus - Out From Under.mp3
Incubus - Pardon me.mp3
Incubus - Privilege.mp3
Incubus - Psychopsilocybin.mp3
Incubus - Redefine.mp3
Incubus - Shaft.mp3
Incubus - Stellar.mp3
Incubus feat. Big Pun - Still Not A Player
Incubus - Take Me To Your Leader.mp3
Incubus - The Warmth.mp3
Incubus - Under My Umbrella.mp3
Incubus - Version.mp3
Incubus - Vitamin.mp3
Incubus - Warning.mp3
Incubus - When It Comes.mp3
Incubus - Wish You Were Here.mp3
Incubus - You Will Be A Hot Dancer.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - Cautioners.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - Get It Faster
Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - If You Don't, Don't.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - My Sundown.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - Praise Chorus.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - Splash, Turn and Twist.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - The Authority Song.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle.mp3
Jimmy Eat World - Your House.mp3
Lost Prophets - Shinobi Vs Dragon Ninja.mp3
Mr. Bungle - Carousel.mp3
Mr. Bungle - Dead Goon
Mr. Bungle - Egg.mp3
Mr. Bungle - Love is a Fist.mp3
Mr. Bungle - My Ass Is On Fire.mp3
Mr. Bungle - Slowly Growing Deaf.mp3
Mr. Bungle - Squeeze Me Macaroni.mp3
Mr. Bungle - Stubb.mp3
Mr. Bungle - The Girls Of Porn
Mr. Bungle - Travolta
Mudvayne - Death Blooms.mp3
Nelly Furtado - Hey, Man.mp3
Nelly Furtado - Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days).mp3
Deadsy - Gramercy Park.mp3
Massive Attack - Tear Drop
mr. oizo - flat beat
Orgy - Stiches
Squarepusher - Beep Street.mp3
Staind - Fade.mp3
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony.mp3
Powerman 5000 - When Worlds Collide.mp3
Radiohead - Idioteque.mp3
Radiohead - Paranoid Android.mp3
Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way.mp3
Rival Schools - Everything Has Its Point.mp3
Rival Schools - Favorite Star.mp3
Rival Schools - Good Things
Rival Schools - Grunge Model
Rival Schools - Holding Sand.mp3
Rival Schools - Hooligans For Life.mp3
Rival Schools - My Echo.mp3
Rival Schools - So Down On.mp3
Rival Schools - The Switch.mp3
Rival Schools - Travel By Telephone.mp3
Rival Schools - Undercovers On.mp3
Rival Schools - Used for Glue.mp3
Rival Schools - World Invitational.mp3
Rival Schools- High Acetate.mp3
Saves The Day - At Your Funeral
Saves the Day - Nightingale
Static-X - Black And White
Static X - Cold
Stephen Lynch - Altar Boy.mp3
Stephen Lynch - Billy Corgan.mp3
Stephen Lynch - Bitch
Stephen Lynch - Gerbil.mp3
Stephen Lynch - Gynecologist.mp3
Stephen Lynch - If I Were Gay.mp3
Stephen Lynch - Kill A Kitten.mp3
Stephen Lynch - Lullabye.mp3
Stephen Lynch - My First Love Song.mp3
Stephen Lynch - Special Fred.mp3
stephen lynch - tall glass o' water.mp3
Stephen Lynch - That's Why Mommy Left (Comedy Central Presents).mp3
Stephen Lynch-Superhero.mp3
Stephen Lynch Mother's Day Song.mp3
Sublime - Garden Grove.mp3
Sublime - Same in the End
Sublime - Santeria.mp3
Sublime - Wrong Way.mp3
Tool - Wrong Way Live Sublime Cover.mp3
System of A Down - Aerials.mp3
system of a down - Chop Suey.mp3
System of a Down - DDevil.mp3
System of a Down - Deer Dance.mp3
System of a Down - Spiders.mp3
System of a Down - Sugar.mp3
System of A Down - Toxicity.mp3
System of a Down - War.mp3
Tenacious D - Tribute ( Album Ver. )
The Apex Theory - Apossibly.mp3
Tool - Aenema.mp3
Tool - Disposition.mp3
Tool - Eon Blue Apocalypse.mp3
Tool - Eulogy.mp3
Tool - H.mp3
Tool - Lateralus.mp3
Tool - Mantra.mp3
Tool - Parabol.mp3
Tool - Parabola.mp3
Tool - Prison Sex.mp3
Tool - Reflection.mp3
Tool - Schism.mp3
Tool - Sober.mp3
Tool - Stinkfist.mp3
Tool - The Grudge.mp3
Tool - The Patient.mp3
Tool - Ticks and Leeches.mp3
Tool - Triad
Weezer - Hashpipe
Weezer - Island in the Sun
Weezer - Say it Ain't So

SBF/JwA Teamspeak @ ts.da-shiz.net
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mmk why not

Incubus - 03 - New Skin
Staind - Break The Cycle - 07 - Epiphany
311 - All Mixed Up
311 - Down
311 - Hive
3rd Strike - All Lies
3rd Strike - Barrioraid
3rd Strike - Breathe it Out
3rd Strike - Champagne Dreams
3rd Strike - Cities On Fire
3rd Strike - Lisa
3rd Strike - Hang On
3rd Strike - No Light
3rd Strike - Redemption
3rd Strike - Strung Out
3rd Strike - Walked Away
3rd Strike - Flow Heat
Adema - Skin
Ben Folds Five - Bricks
Ben folds five - Philosophy
Blink 182 - Adam's Song
Blink 182 - Man Overboard
Box Car Racer - I Feel So
Dub Pistols - Cyclone
Green Day - Basket Case
Gren Day - Brain Stew
Green Day - Minority (Album Version)
Green Day - She
Green Day - Time of your Life
Green Day - Warning
Incubus - Antigravity Love Song
Incubus - Driven
Incubus - Nice To Know You
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
pearl jam - last kiss
Saliva - Doperide
Saliva - Your Disease
Smashmouth - Allstar
Smashmouth - WalkOnDaSun
Smash mouth & chopper - Virgin girl
Smash Mouth - Cant Get Enough Of You Baby
Smashmouth - The Way that You are
Sound Garden & Stone Temple Pilots - Call me a dog
Soundgarden - Black Holed Sun
Soundgarden - Jesus Christ Pose
Soundgarden - Outshine
Switched - Inside
Temple of the Dog- Hunger Stike
Weezer - Buddy Holly
Soundtrack - White Zombie - Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks & Cannibal Girls
White Zombie - Thunderkiss '65
Wyclef Jean - Electric Avenue
No Doubt - Hella Good
P.O.D. - Ridiculous (featuring Eek-A - Mouse)
V A - Sugar Minott / Oh Mr. D.C.
Aswad - 54-46 Was My Number
Aswad - Don't Turn Around
Aswad - Drum & Bass Line
Aswad - rockers medley
Barrington Levy - here I come
Barrington Levy - Murderer (Original Reggae Mix)
Barrington Levy - Prison Oval Rock
Beastie Boys & Cypress Hill - So Watcha Want
Beastie Boys - Flute loop
Beastie Boys - Intergalactic
Beastie Boys - So Watcha Want
Blackalicious - 4000 Miles (ft Chali 2na & Lat
Blackalicious - 40oz For Breakfast
Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics (The Cut Che
Blackalicious - Clockwork
Blackalicious - Deception
Blackalicious - Deception
Blackalicious - Rock the Spot
Blackalicious - Shallow Days
Blackalicious - Soul in Flesh
Blackalicious and Souls of Mischief - You Lost
Blackalicious & Souls Of Mischief - Bombing
Unknown Artist - Blackalicious- Deep in the Jun
Blackalicious - The Fabulous Ones
Blackalicous - Don't Let Money Change Ya
Bob Marley & The Roots - Burnin
sugar minot ft. bounty killer - tune in
Buju Banton - Wanna be Loved
Bunny Wailer - Rootsman Skanking
Burning Spear - Marcus Dub
burning spear - burning reggae
Burning Spear - I & I Survive (sub dub remix)
- charlie chaplin & don carlos unity is strength
charlie chaplin - fire bun dem below
Culture - Slice of Mount Zion
Culture - The International Herb
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain
Das Efx - They Want Effects
De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
Don Carlos - Hog And Goat
Don Carlos - Rootsman Party
Eek-A-Mouse - Track 6
Eek A Mouse - Neutron Bomb
Eek-A-Mouse - Michigan & Smiley - Hire and removal
Eek-A-Mouse - Ganja smuggling
eek a mouse - Police In Helicopt
Eek-a-mouse - Wild like a tiger
Eeka Mouse- Bitty Bong Bong
Eminem - Eminem - Without Me
Eminem - Marshall Mathers - Stan (ft. Dido)
Foxy Brown - Sorry (Baby Can I Hold You)
Freddie McGregor - Big Ship
Fugees & Nas - If I Ruled The World
The Gladiators - Bellyfull
Gladiators - Dreadlocks The Time Is Now
The Gladiators - Rich man poor man
The Gladiators feat. Albert Griffiths - A Prayer to Thee
Gladiators - GetReady
Various Artists - Hard Core - Gregory Isaacs and Johnny Osbourne
Haiku D'etat - still rappin
The Heptones & Lee Perry - Why Must I
EMusic Collections - Have Mercy - Prince Buster & The Heptones
Heptones - Book of Rules
Heptones - Love Won't Come Easy
Heptones - Party Time
Various - Heptones / Pretty Looks Isn't All
Israel Vibration - 02 - We are de rasta
Israel Vibration - War
Israel Vibration Lift Up Your Conscience
Israel Vibration - Cool and Calm
Israel Vibrations- - Mr. Consula
Israel Vibrations - On Jah Solid Rock
Israel Vibrations-Terrorist
Itals - The Itals - Jah Calling
Jacob Miller - Curly Locks
Jacob Miller - Mix Up Moods (2nd Version)
Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard
Jacob Miller - Tired Fe Lick Weed In A Bush
Jacob Miller - Untitled
Johnny Osbourne - No Ice Cream Sound
U Brown Hit Sounds - Johnny Osbourne - Oh Girl
Johnny Osbourne - Rude Boy Skank(Rude Boy Skank)
King Tubby meets Lee Perry - Come by yah dub
King Tubby & Soul Syndicate - Israelite Children Dub
lee -scratch- perry - 15 - war in a babylon - max romeo
Lee -Scratch- Perry - Arkology Reel I Dub Organiser - One Ste
Lee Perry featuring Mad Professor & Robotiks Band - Heads Of
Max Romeo - Mr. Chatterbox
Max Romeo - Mr Chatterbox
Max Romeo - Organiser - One Step Forward -
Max Romeo - Softie
Various Artists - Max Romeo - Wet Dream
Michigan/ Smiley - Friday Evening
No Doubt - Underneath It All
Sublime - Caress Me Down
Sublime - Santeria
Sublime - Smoke Two Joints
Sublime - What I Got
Unknown Artist - Sublime - Wrong Way
Sublime-Date Rape
The Skatalites meet King Tubby - Heroes Of Reggae In Dub - 04 - Herb Man Dub
Twinkle Brothers - Love
Twinkle Brothers - Come Home
Twinkle Brothers - Gone Already
Twinkle brothers - Shu be dup
The Teräs Käsi Order.
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311 - All Mixed Up
311 - amber
311 - Beautiful Disaster
311 - Come Original
311 - Down
311 - Hydroponic
311 - I'll Be Here A While
311 - I'll Be here a while
311 - Whos Got the Herb
311 - You Wouldn't Believe
7 Mary 3 - Cumbersome
Alien Ant Farm - Attitude
Andrew W K - Party Hard
AudioVent - The Energy
Bare Naked Ladies - Pinch Me
Ben Folds Five - Brick
Ben Folds FIve - Brick (acoustic)
Better Than Ezra - Desperately Wanting
Better Than Ezra - Extra Ordinary
Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch
Bob Dylan & Van Morrison - Crazy Love
Bob Dylan - All Along The Watchtower
Bob Dylan - Blowin' In The Wind
Bob Dylan - Everybody Must Get Stoned
Bob Dylan - Forever Young
Bob Dylan - just like a woman
Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay
Bob Dylan and Tom Petty - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Bob Seager - Night Moves
Bob Seager - Turn the Page
Bob Seager - We've Got Tonight
Bob Segar - Hollywood Nights
Bob Seger - Like A Rock
Boxcar Racer - I Feel So
Buckcherry - Lit Up
Bush - The Chemicals Between Us
Chad Kroeger - Hero
Cheap Trick - Surrender
Cog - Caught in the Sun
Cold - Gone Away
Coldplay - Yellow
Coldplay - Shiver
Coldplay - Trouble
Counting Crows - Mr. Jones (Rare Acoustic)
Counting Crows - A Long December
Counting Crows - A Long December
Counting Crows - Catapult (Acoustic Live)
Counting Crows - Goodnight Elizabeth
Counting Crows - Goodnight Elizabeth (live acoustic)
Counting Crows - Have You Seen Me Lately
Counting Crows - Rain King
Counting Crows - Round Here (acoustic n piano)
Creed - Bullets
Creed - My Sacrifice
Creed - one last breath
Creed - Young Grow Old
Dashboard Confessional - Living in Your Letters
Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities
Dave Matthews - In My Life (10-2-01)
Dave Matthews - Rapunzel
Dave Matthews - where are you going live
Dave Matthews Band & Phish - Ants Marching
Dave Matthews Band & Phish - Crash Into Me (Dixie Chicken)
Dave Matthews Band + Phish - Hurricane (live Bob dylan cover
Dave Matthews Band - Bartender
Dave Matthews Band - Big Eyed Fish
Dave Matthews Band - Busted Stuff
Dave Matthews Band - Captain
Dave Matthews Band - Diggin A Ditch
Dave Matthews Band - Grace Is Gone
Dave Matthews Band - Grey Street
Dave Matthews Band - JTR
Dave Matthews Band - Kit Kat Jam
Dave Matthews Band - Monkey Man
Dave Matthews Band - Raven
Dave Matthews Band - Raven
Dave Matthews Band - Spotlight (good version)
Dave Matthews Band - Too Blue
Dave Matthews Band - Where Are You Going (REAL STUDIO)
Dave Matthews Band - Where Are You Going (REAL STUDIO)
Dave Matthews' Band - Pinball Wizard (Rare)
Dave Matthews, Phish, Guster - Say Goodbye (acoustic)
Default - Deny
Default - Sick and Tired
dispatch - bullet holes
Dispatch - Hey Hey
Dispatch - Lightning
Dispatch - Open Up
Dispatch - Passerby
Dispatch - Questioned Apocalypse
Dispatch - The General
DMB (LIVE From The 10 Spot) - Crush
DMB Phish Blues Traveler - Tripping Billies
DMB W/ Phish and Guster - Say Goodbye (accoustic)
Eight Stop Seven - Question Everything
Elton John - Tiny Dancer
Everclear - Father Of Mine
Everclear - I Will Buy You a New Life
Everclear - Wonderful
Fuel - Bad Day
Fuel - Bittersweet
Fuel - Hemmorage (In My Hands)
Fuel - Innocent
Fuel - Jesus or a Gun
Fuel - Last Time
Fuel - Shimmer
G Love and Special Sauce - Gimme Some Lovin
G Love and Special Sauce - Kick Drum
G Love and special sauce - My Baby's Got Sauce
G Love and the Special Sauce - Cold Beverage
G. love and special sauce - sarah's song
Garth Brooks - The Dance
Garth Brooks - Thunder Rolls
Green Day - Brain Stew
Green Day - Time of Your Life
Green Day - When I Come Around
Hoobastank - Better
hoobastank - better
Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark
Hoobastank - Give It Back
Hoobastank - Let You Know
Hoobastank - Pieces
Hoobastank - Ready For You
Hoobastank - Remember Me
Hoobastank - Running Away
Hoobastank - To Be With You
Hoobastank - Too Little Too Late
Hoobastank - Up And Gone
Hoobustank - Hello Again
Hootie And The Blowfish - Goodbye
Hootie and the Blowfish - Let Her Cry
Hootie and the Blowfish - Time
Incubus - Calgone
Incubus - Certain Shade of Green
Incubus - Deep Inside
Incubus - Drive
Incubus - Favorite Things
Incubus - Glass
incubus - idiot box
Incubus - Just a Phase
Incubus - Magic Medicine
Incubus - Nebula
incubus - new skin
Incubus - Pardon Me (Acoustic)
Incubus - RARE - Tribute (Live with 311)
Incubus - Redefine
Incubus - Summer Romance
Incubus - Vitamin
Incubus - Warning
Incubus - Warning
Injected - Faithless
Jack Johnson - Bad News
Jack Johnson - BubbleToes
Jack Johnson - Drink the Water
Jack Johnson - Drink the Water
Jack Johnson - F-Stop Blues
Jack Johnson - Flake
Jack Johnson - Fortunate Fool
Jack Johnson - Inaudible Melodies
Jack Johnson - It's All Understood
Jack Johnson - Jack Johnson - Sexy Plexi
Jack Johnson - Losing Hope
Jack Johnson - Middle Man
Jack Johnson - Mud Football
Jack Johnson - Posters
Jack Johnson - You're Missing Me
John Mayer - Back To You
John Mayer - Comfortable
John Mayer - Love Song for No One
John Mayer - My Stupid Mouth
John Mayer - Neon
John Mayer - No Such Thing
John Mayer - The Wind Cries Mary 6-15-99
John Mayer - Why Georgia
John Mayer - Your Body is a Wonderland(live
Kid Rock - American Bad Ass
Kid Rock - Bawitdaba
Kid Rock - Cowboy
Kid Rock - Only God Knows Why
Korn - Adidas
Korn - Blind
Korn - Clown
Korn - Daddy
Korn - Dead Bodies Everywhere
Korn - Falling Away From Me
Korn - Freak On A Leash
Korn - Got the Life
Korn - Here To Stay
Korn - Korn & Limp Bizkit - All In Th
Korn - Seed
Korn - Shoots And Ladders
Lenny Kravitz - Dig In
Limp Bizkit - My Way
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
Limp Bizkit - Crushed
Limp Bizkit - Getcha Groove On (ft Xzibit)
Limp Bizkit - Mission Impossible Theme
Limp Bizkit - Nookie
Limp Bizkit - Rearranged
Limp Bizkit - Rollin' (Urban Assult Vehicle)
Linkin Park - A Place for my Head
Linkin Park - My December
Linkin Park - One Step Closer
Linkin Park - Points Of Authority
Linkin Park - With You
Lit - My Own Worst Enemy
Logic 34 - All But Over
Logic 34 - Beg of You
Logic 34 - Coming Through
Logic 34 - Enemy
Logic 34 - Never Again
Lynard Skynard - Free Bird
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Tuesday's Gone
Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis
Marvin Gaye - Lets Get It On
Men at Work - Come On Eileen
Metallica - Unforgiven II
Motorhead - Ace Of Spades
New Found Glory - My Friends Over You
Nickleback - Cowboy Hat
Nickleback - Too Bad
Otis Redding - Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
Our Lady Peace - Bring Back The Sun
Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There
Ozzy Osborne - Crazy Train
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Pat Boone - Crazy Train
Pat Mcgee Band - Rebecca
Pat Mcgee Band - Walking in Memphis
Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in a Small Town
Pearl Jam - Jeremy
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter (live)
Phantom Planet - Hey Now Girl
Phantom Planet - Candlewax
Phantom Planet - She's Gone
Phantom Planet Was Here - Anthem
Phish - Farmhouse
Phish - Gin and Juice
Phish - Harry Hood
POD - Boom
Police - Roxanne
Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
Puddle Of Mud - Nobody Told Me
Puddle of Mud - Nobody Told Me
Puddle of Mud - Said
Puddle of Mudd - Basement
Puddle of Mudd - Blurry
Puddle of Mudd - Blurry (acoustic)
Puddle of Mudd - Bring Me Down
Puddle of Mudd - Control
Puddle of Mudd - Control
Puddle of Mudd - Control (acoustic)
puddle of mudd - Drift and Die
Puddle of Mudd - Never Change
Puddle of Mudd - Out of My Head
Puddle of Mudd - Piss It All Away
Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me
Red Hot Chile Peppers - otherside
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By the Way
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication
Rob Zombie - Feel So Numb
Rolling Stones - Paint it Black
Rolling Stones - Time
Saliva - 800
Saliva - Cellophane
Saliva - Click Click Boom
Saliva - Doperide
Saliva - Groovy
Saliva - Hollywood
Saliva - Pin Cushion
Saliva - Spitshine
Saliva - Suffocate
Saliva - Superstar
Saliva - Your Disease
Silverchair - Miss You Love
Silverchair - No Association
Silverchair - Tomorrow
Simple Plan - Im Just A Kid
Sister Hazel - Your Winter
Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
Staind - Take it inside
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Empty
Stone Temple Pilots - Conversations Kill
Stone Temple Pilots - Creep
Stone Temple Pilots - Dead And Bloated
Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song
Stone Temple Pilots - Plush
Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl
Stone Temple Pilots - Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart
Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline
Sugar Ray - Answer The Phone
Sugar Ray - When It's Over
System Of A Down - Chop Suey
System of a Down - Spiders
System Of A Down - Toxicity
Tantric - Mourning
tenacious d - song of exultant joy
Tenacious D - Tribute to the Best Song in th
Tenacious D - Wonderboy
The Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home ABout
The Police - Roxanne
The Strokes - Last Night
Third Eye Blind - Hows It Gonna Be
Three Doors Down - Kryptonite
Tony Bennett - The Way You Look Tonight
Toploader - Dancing In The Moonlight
Train - Meet Virginia
Unknown Artist - 311 You Get Worked-from chaos
Unknown Artist - Track 1
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Unknown Artist - Untitled
Unwritten Law - Seein' Red
Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl
Van Morrison - Dancing In The Moonlight
Van Morrison - Into Mystic
Van Morrison - Moondance
Weezer - Dope Nose
Weezer - Island In The Sun
Weezer - Track 12

all those unknown are default, jus thavent taken the effort to rename them
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Sound Garden - Black Hole Sun....not Holed Cali...hehe

"The day i tried to Live" ...said seize the day...pull the trigger, drop the blade, and watch the rolling heeaaaaaads yeaaaaaaa

outshined...is ggs as well
"Unwanted pregnancies are always unwanted." - Adam Carolla

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Hey that aint me man, thats from the geniuses that couldnt spell shit on Napster.
The Teräs Käsi Order.
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how were u guys able to list them like this?
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umm, read the first line of my post lol..
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Get Up Kids - Campfire
Get Up Kids - All That I Know
Get Up Kids - Let The Reigns Go Loose
Get Up Kids - Overdue
Get Up Kids - Walking On A Wire
Action & Action
Forgive And Forget
The Get Up Kids - I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel
The Get Up Kids - Red Letter Day
Ten Minutes
Get Up Kids - Beer for Breakfast
Get Up Kids - Up on the Roof
Radish - Wasted And Ready
Hey Mercedes - Stay Six
Hey Mercedes - St James St
Hey Mercedes - Bells
Hey Mercedes - A-List Actress
Hey Mercedes - Eleven to Your Seven
Hey Mercedes - The Frowning of a Lifetime
In The Garage
Weezer - Only In Dreams
Weezer - Buddy Holly
Weezer - Island In The Sun
Weezer - Hash Pipe (from CD)
Weezer - Fall Together
Weezer - Take Control
Weezer - Burndt Jamb
Weezer - Pink Triangle
weezer - across the sea
El Scorcho
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
Jimmy Eat World - Bleed American
Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness
Jimmy Eat World - Just Watch the Fireworks
Jimmy Eat World - Your New Aesthetic
Jets to Brazil - Your Having the Time of My Life
The Weakerthans - Aside
The Hives - Hate to Say I Told You So
Boy Sets Fire - rookie
Braid - Please Drive Faster
Piebald - Long Nights
Piebald - Rock Revolution
Piebald - American Hearts
Anniversary - Sweet Marie
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
Thursday - Cross Out The Eyes
Thursday - Understanding in a Car Crash
Shoulder To The Wheel
Saves The Day - At Your Funeral
Banned from the Back Porch
Saves The Day - Freakish
Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots
Domino Effect
Green Day - Brain Stew
Greenday - Longview
Greenday - Basketcase
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Barney - I love you
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