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Rigged Door Pranks (9 Total)
Mail Pranks (3 Total)
Camping Pranks (2 Total)
Showering Pranks (7 Total)
Toliet Pranks (6 Total)
Food & Restaurant Pranks (14 Total)
Dorm Room Pranks (154 Total)
Body Pranks (4 Total)
Classroom Pranks (4 Total)
Tape & Movie Pranks (3 Total)
Miscellaneous Pranks (26 Total)
Computer Pranks (99 Total)
Work Place Pranks (35 Total)
Phone Pranks (6 Total)
Appliance Pranks (7 Total)
Sleeping Pranks (14 Total)
Pyrotechnic Pranks (1 Total)
Vehicle Pranks (102 Total)
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Rigged Door Pranks

Balance a nearly full bucket of water against someone's door at night. When they open it the next morning it will fall and flood their room. Even better against elevator doors.

Remove someone's doorknob and reinstall it with the lock on the inside. Works best if the victim is in the room and the door is locked and you have his/her keys.

If the victim has a recessed door, fill the area flush with the wall (perhaps with drywall) and paint to match the wall. Victim returns to a wall where the door used to be.

Place clear tape across the outside of a door from top to bottom. Frequently people will run into it, especially if they are in a hurry.

If the door is metal and has a metal frame, weld the person into (or out of) their room. Can be done to the hinges as well if there is no metal door.

Steal a person's door. Leave a trail of clue's as to where to find it. Have them running all over the place trying to find it and have them end up somewhere near where they started (like in the next room).

Jam so many pennies between the door and the door frame that the person cannot turn the doorknob to get out. Even better if the pennies are superglued in place to prevent removal. Also you may wish to put vaseline on the inside doorknob to prevent them from being able to turn the knob.

Place "Bang-Snaps" in precarious positions on a door so that they will drop and explode when the door is opened. (such as balanced on the doorknob)

Brick up the entrances to a building at night before anyone arrives. Reverse the peephole on peoples doors. Allows for some interesting spying since very few people actually check this part of the door.

Mail Pranks:
Send in subscriptions to embarasing magazines in the victim's name. Make sure to check "Bill Me."

Send off a request in the victims name to numerous foriegn postage stamp bureaus requesting ordering information, to be put on mailing lists, etc. The response is quite astounding.

Get change of address cards from the post office and change the victim's address to someplace like Guam.

Camping Pranks:
Bury someone's hatchet or ax in a tree about 20 feet off the ground and in plain sight.

Spray someone's tent with some aerosol based bug spray. This will erode the waterproofing of the tent.

Showering Pranks:
Put Nair or some other hair removal chemical in a person's shampoo or conditioner. You may need to distract the person for a moment to let the stuff take a better hold.

Fill the shower head with dry temper paint, onion salt, easter egg pellets, or the like. Lifesavers are great since they disolve and then reform on the victim. The victim will feel sticky afterwards and of course the solution to that is to take another shower...

On a cubicle where the door reaches the floor, seal the door shut and fill the cubicle with water. You may wish to introduce marine life.

Flush toilets while a person showers. The more toilets the better.

Swipe a person's clothes while they are showering. Put them in an embarasing place such as the showers for people of the opposite sex.

Get one of those boullion cubes, made for making soup, and put it in your buddy's showerhead. A broth bath first thing in the morning can be a real drag.
Glue the lids to people's shampoo shut. They get all wet and then realize they can't wash their hair.

Toilet Pranks:
Place clear cellophane over the toilet bowl but under the seat. Works best at parties where a large percentage of the people are drunk.

Place a small tube in one of the water holes with the other end pointed outward at the victim. When flushed results in an improptu shower.

Put Shoe Polish of the appropriate color on the seat.

Place several packages of "Knox" (clear geletin) in the toilet of someone who will not be around for several days. Looks like water and is harder to detect than the celophane on the lid. For a more instant effect, there is a substance availlable at most magic supply stores called anhydrous sodium poly-acrylate which holds up to 300 times its weight in water. Doesn't take much to turn a toilet solid or someone's drink, or...

Remove the toilet seat from the toilet.
Put toothpaste(sticky, slimy toothpaste) on the toilet seat. Squish! Squish!
Food & Resturant Pranks
Convice the person that they have eaten a piece of food that has been soiled by some bodily function. Have fake "evidence" (or real evidence if you really are cruel) to back up your claim such as pictures.

Give your name as Pupupu to a maitre-de. When he calls you to your table you will hear, "Pu-pu-pu Party of four..." Same thing but give your name as Connie Lingus, Dick Hertz, Harry Colon, etc.

Freeze glasses to trays in the cafeteria. This can be accomplished by smearing the bottom of the glass with honey and sticking it firmly to the tray. Next fill the glass with ice, water and salt to lower the temperature. After a few minutes the honey should be frozen to both the tray and the glass.

Glue glasses in a cafeteria to the bottom of a table. Dribble glass. Need I say more?

Put pure crystallized caffine in someone's coffee pot. This will make expresso look like milk.

Get some of the tracer pills that turn urine blue, or some other interesting color. Crush and slip it into some food. The victim will be peeing blue for 2-3 days afterwards, though the pills themselves are just dye and are completely harmless.
Take some Oreo cookies. Undo the tops, one at a time, and place a small circle of wax paper in between the cookie and the filling. Then set them out to watch your victim take a big bite!
Bake brownies or cookies and substitute Ex-Lax for part of the chocolate. Use some chocolate to keep the taste right.

Rig the lid of salt shakers to fail when used, resulting in a veritable salt lick on the victim's food.

At a drive through place a sign on the microphone saying, "Out of order, please yell"

Scrape coagulated grease off of ribs and serve it as leftover lemon sorbetto.

You carefully lift box lid, shielding its emptiness from target, and ask if target would like a Hertz Donut. When hungry/curious target says yes, you quickly drape empty box over the closed fist of your dominant hand and belt him in the arm with it. (If target is uncooperative or suspicious and declares he doesnít want a Hertz Donut, sock him anyway and declare that itís Opposites Day, i.e., no means yes, etc.)

Go to the drive-through at any fast-food resturant and bring a karioke machine or a microphone with speaker...it raelly doesn't matter and hold the microphone and the speaker up to the drive-through speaker. When they say "May I take your order?" it will cause terrible feedback. Every one in the kitchen can hear this

In a resturant when you order dessert order all the sprinkles, whip cream, chacholate, fudge, and so forth. They'll come back and it'll usually have a cherry on top then yell at the waiter/waitress and say i'm on a diet! This is an outrage and ask for a refund. The reaction is really funny.
Dorm Room Pranks:
Fill an accordian folder with shaving cream, insert under someone's door and stomp on it to send large amounts of shaving cream into their room withought ever opening the door.

Also can be done with a fine powder (Talcum powder works nicely) in a bag with a hole in the bottom. Slip the open end under the door, stick a hair dryer in the hole and the room gets a nice sugar coating.

Flood the floor of a room and open the window during a very cold night when the occupants won't be returning for a while. Also good in public bathrooms.

Purchase several hundred crickets from the local pet store and release them everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. Crickets are quite noisy and should result in a few sleepless nights.

Place raw eggs under the person's pillow or comforter or somewhere else that is bulky enough that the eggs won't be noticed until after they have been crushed. This is lots of fun to clean up after...

Fill a person's room while they are out with massive quantities of crumpled up newspaper. This takes a fair bit of planning, a lot of paper and a small room but can have good results.

Remove doors on your hall and swap them with other doors from around the hall.

Cover a person's door with butcher paper and fill the space between the door and the wall with confetti, peanuts, etc.
Pile all of the furniture in your dorm or house against someone's bedroom door. When they wake up in the moring, they can't get out!
Attach a remote control to the fire alarm in a room and set it off from a safe distance. Watch the victim(s) panic. When the panic subsides, do it again. And again. And ... well, you get the picture.
Staple the cuffs of roomie's pants together.
Try the exploding salt and pepper shakers! Take the salt/pepper shaker and empty it about a third of the way, then fill the empty space with the lemon juice. After that put a tissue piece over the top and stick in down inside careful enough not to hit the lemon juice. Put a small or medium amount of baking soda in the tissues and cover the holes with something to keep the baking soda from coming out. Then stick the lid back on. Give it to someone you know will need to use it. When they shake lightly t o get a little bit of salt, it will not come out. So what they do is shake harder, making the lemon juice break through the tissue, mixing with the baking. This causes the lid to somehow "explode", or pop off, and filling half the table with foam!
Offer your friend some really thirst provocing cookies. Then when they're really thirsty, hand them a glass of milk with a few of those mini-marshmallows in them. Whole milk works best. They'll have slugged back half of it by the time the marshmallows hit their lips. Watch the reaction of someone who thinks he just took a huge slug of curdled milk.
If your in the room when someone cuts their finger, tell them that lime juice is the best thing to stop the bleeding.
Fill a very large glass full of water, tell a friend to place their hands on a table (plams down), put the glass on top of one hand and ask if it hurts, when they say "no" tell them to put one hand on top of the other, place the glass on top of both hands and walk off.
Put a bit of baby oil into somones bottle of shampoo. Why is my hair always oily?
Smear Icy-Hot all over the toilet seat. When someone sits down they'll feel the cream working.
Put a life-like real sized cardboard figure of a person in the bed under the covers next to the victim. Imagine the shock when they wake up!
Put crazy glue in someone's shoes so when they try to take them off, it gets stuck to their socks; or better yet, their feet.
Get a camera with a flash and a cap gun. Early in the morning, like around 2 o'clock, knock on peoples' doors. When they answer the door, take their picture and then shoot the cap gun. The flash stuns them and they think they've been shot.
The last person to wake up in the morning gets it. Get a game going; each awake person takes a turn decorating the sleeper, using their imagination (spitwads, beer cans, paint, figurines of Elwood Blues tucked under the elbow.)The first person to wake the sleeper up loses while everyone laughs at the victims reation.
Send in the victim's name as being interested in joining the navy, air force, marines, coast guard, etc.
Get a Universal Remote and go to the window of someone watching TV and change channels.
Take a really large pair of underwear old lady or man style and write a victim's name in them and leave them in the bathroom floor for every one to find.
Put a vacuum cleaner with the switch in the 'on' position in someone's room in the middle of the night and plug it in out in the hall.
Get a pair of old boots, put them on the floor in the toilet to make it look like someone is sitting on the toilet. Then lock the toilet door. Works best if there is only one toilet. Watch people repeatedly walk in and them come straight out again. Pa rticularly works well after lunch or morning tea.
Tell someone that you will give them $100 if you can crack 3 eggs over their head. After getting them to agree, crack 2 over their head. make sure to rub in all of the yolk. Then tell them you don't feel like cracking the third egg. Now you don't o we them $100.
Chilli sauce on the rim of a coffee mug. Imagine how hard it would be to have a mouthfull of hot coffee and have burning lips too!
Whenever there are grapes in the fridge, be sure to put one on top of every bottle, tupperware container, dish, can, etc. EVERYthing must have a grape on top of it. After the second round of "grapes on bottles" the victim's failure to see the humor will manifest.
Put Ambesol (toothache reliever) on the victim's retainer when they aren't wearing it. Their mouth will go numb.
Straighten out a small staple and tap it all the way down into your roomates deodorant. After several days, they'll start to feel a small scratch followed by an intense burning sensation (as the deodorant gets into the scratch) From that point on it's fun to listen in every morning until they realize why it's so painful.
Get a long piece of chemistry tubing. Tie one end with a knot and fill it with water. Get a couple of guys to carry it to someone's room and stick the open end under the door. Instant flood!
Do you know a deep sleeper? Gather a few friends and pick up the deep sleeper's bed and carry it into the quad in the middle of campus. Hopefully, he won't awake until there are people all around him. Extra laughs come when he sleeps, well, pajamaless .
First, you need to find a cow. Transport the mellow beast to the multistory-dorm of your choice. Lead the cow right on upstairs to the top floor. Give the cow some hay or grain (also useful to lead the cow...) and water. Wait for the fun to begin. When officialdom appears and starts to "take charge" of the situation, they will find that while a cow will readily go *up* the stairs, no power on earth will induce a cow to go *down* the stairs.
When staying at a hotel, tell the front desk clerk you need a 4:00am wake up call. Tell him/her to let the phone ring repeatedly as you are a very heavy sleeper. Then give the clerk the room number for your friends across the hall.
If you have co-ed bathrooms that have free comdoms and lubricant packets (water based), smear the stuff all over a wall in the hall. It's not shiny at all, so it's really hard to see. Expect people to bump against it and get "jizzed."
Put icy-hot in your neighbor's shampoo bottle...Why is my head burning??
Set off a fire drill in the middle of the night by putting a cigarette close to a smoke alarm. The real fun in this is that you get to see who's sleeping with whom.
Tell everyone in the dorm that you've gotten a care package from home, and you want to share. Offer them Ex-lax brownies.
Use this if you know the people inside a room or dorm room has no other way out. You take about two rolls of duct tape and make a duct tape wall so that the entire door frame plus about another foot of area outside the door frame will be covered with duct tape. To make the wall you must inter lace the duct tape to make it stronger. Needless to say, the victim will have difficulties getting out.
The next time you have a party be sure to stock up on super glue. When the victim falls asleep put the super glue on their zipper of their pants.
The Bathroom Bomb: The trick is to happen upon some poor shmuck in a stall when you go into the little cowboy's room. Don't say anything or make any tell-tale noises that might give your identity away. Get about a yard of paper towel from the dispense r, crumple it up, and get it really wet. Make sure it is really dripping. Now, you can either lob it grenade-style over the door and onto his lap/head/whatever, or, with practice (tough angle) you can stick it to the ceiling above your targets head. It wi ll drip down on him and eventually peel off and land on his head. He will be helpless to move out of the way, considering what he is doing.
During the week or so that the biology students are mutating fruit flies, spread the rumor that water works just good as oil in killing off your fruit flies. In reality they just escape from the water and swarm everywhere. Someone is bound to believ e you and try to save money by drowning them in thier dorm sink.
Take a dorm door off it's hinges and put police tape on the hole where it used to be.
Put a sign that says "Janitor's Closet" over someone's dorm. Then dress up like a janitor and knock constantly asking for trashbags or disinfectant.
Hide many different alarm clocks throughout the victim's room and set them all for different times.
If your planning on leaving for the weekend, set your alarm to go off automatically every morning at 5:00 am, and lock your door.
Knock on the dorm door a couple times and run. Repeat a couple times. Tell your 'buddie' that you can't seem to knock loud enough for the people to come out and have him knock on the door and stand there.
Go to a beverage center. Ask for a free cardboard box (the low-cut kind). Find a bait shop. Buy a couple containers of earthworms. Close windows in the target's dorm room and turn off the air conditioning. Put the worms in the box. Put the box up high (on top of a shelf). In a couple days the place will smell like a dead body. Works best in summer.
Dare someone to try and drink six full glasses of water. Little do they know that the bathroom will be occupied by your friend (or is that a mannequin?) the whole night.
For a sticky shower, unscrew showerhead that your evil roommate showers in and put a piece of hard candy in there. Replace head and don't forget to avoid the shower. Yellow Jolly Ranchers work well and don't change the water's color.
If the building is heated by a hot water system, throw grass seed on the floor during the Christmas break in winter and when the roomate cames back after the winter break there will be a lawn in the room!
Reset his or her alarm to the early morning.
Buy (or make) one of those wallets that flare up inside when opened and replace it with your roommates wallet.
Rip a few KEY pages out of a bud's textbook right before finals and hang them around the dorm.
Take Kool-Aid packets and pour little strands of Kool-Aid on your roommate's sheets. When the victim sleeps they will sweat. And when they sweat, the kool aid will get in their pores and they will be colored.
While the victim sleeps, remove any containers of milk that they may have in the fridge. Proceed to add an entire container of finely ground hot pepper to the coffee grounds in their automatic coffee maker. They are out of luck after sipping their c up of java the next morning, because the only liquid that doesn't make the hot pepper worse is, of course, milk.
While your victim is out, replace the legs of his bed with empty "Bud" bottles. Pull his sheets so they drape over the side of the bed (restricting the bottles from his view). Crash!
While your roommate is sleeping, sprinkle fake insects all over them (gooey and slimey ones too!). Wake 'em up.
Paint a roommate's face while they sleep. When they wake up they will wonder why everyone is looking at them and laughing. HaHaHa!
Replace sugar in sugar bowl with an antacid. When someone goes to put sugar in their coffee it will foam up and out of the cup.
Put bubble gum behind the wheels of a chair.
Superglue the handle of a toolbox to the top.
Hide all the extra rolls of toilet paper and glue the last together. What creative idea can they use to wipe?
Wet your hands. Go behind an unsuspecting person and pretend to sneeze loudly. Then wipe your wet hands on the back of the victim.
Put Nair on a man's legs while he is asleep or if you're really mean, put it on their head or in their shampoo. Call him Baldy or Slick when it's over!
Place shaving creme in the hand of one who is sleeping. Tickle their face and watch them slap their face. They'll wake in a state of terror.
During winter time in any part of the country where it gets really cold, take your victims mattress, soak in water until it has reached it's saturation level, then hang it outside until it freezes solid. Once solid, replace on the victim's bed and mak e the bed up to look like normal. Brrr...
Fasten a sound module from the crying baby dolls to the bottom of someone's chair. Is there a baby crying?
Wait till your victim is away for a weekend. Dip everything plastic (pens, phones, etc.) in liquid nitrogen, break it, and stick it together again. Everything plastic will break when he picks it up.
During a family dinner, keep an empty jug of water on the table. When somebody asks you to pass the jug, pretend it is full of water and heavy. The victim will apply what he considers is the appropriate strength needed to pick up the jug. This will ca use the jug to jerk up to a significant height. Maybe they'll fall off their chair!
If you live in a dorm with tiles on the bathroom door, pour rubbing alcohol in the cracks, wait for your victim to go into the bathroom and seat himself. Light it. (Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher around.) Add some evil sounds for more effect.
Place your sleeping friend's hand in a bowl of warm water. WeeWee!
Cover the door handel with something sticky such as ketchup, dog doo, or glue. What type of creative method will they try to open the door?
Slip something red in with a friend's white load of laundry at the dorm laudromat... PINK UNDIES!
Put shaving cream in the tips of someone's shoes. It'll squirt out at the ankle if you have enough in.
Turn an overhead projector on and place it so that the light is facing a closed door. Whoever opens it will be greated with a flood of light. Works great when a bud has a hangover!
If you're going home to visit the family, cover your body with temporary tattoos the day before.
Put Suran wrap over the toilet bowl but under the seat. It'll catch it all!
Don't just short sheet the bed next time, add Corn Flakes between the matress and sheets too.
Dump a whole bottle of detergent into the toilet tank. This produces great billowing suds out of the bowl on first flush. Especially great if first flusher is sitting at the time. OooWee!
Put baby powder inside a friend's hair dryer. They'll smell AND make a mess.
Sprinkle finely ground powdered milk underneath your victim's sheets. It acts like powdered sugar in the sense that, as you sweat in your sleep, it dissolves and comes up through the sheets onto your body and into your pores. But your sweat makes it s our, and when it gets into your pores, it stays there. You smell very strongly of sour milk for about a week. sniff... sniff...
Take one of those musical greeting cards rip out the part that actually plays the music. This is only about the size of a quarter. When the victim isn't watching, plant this somewhere near them. Since it is so small, it is relatively easy to hide in a pocket or a purse.
Put goldfish in all the toilets. Where did they come from?
Go into the bathroom while the victim is taking a shower, and pour a bucket of REALLY cold water over the top of the shower curtain.
Get a LOT of condom wrappers and put them in the bathroom garbage can while your male friend kicks you out for that romantic dinner with his girl. Slap...
Replace a guys undies (especially briefs) with ones one or two sizes too small. Itch...
While the victim is asleep carefully put Vaseline between their toes. The person's toes will start to wiggle. The apparent mechanism is that when your toes start slipping against each other, your mind insists on making them slip and slide more and mor e. The upshot of this is that the part of the mind that's supposed to be getting rest is busy moving toes. The victim 'wakes up' having had no sleep at all.
Put cherry Kool-aid in the shower head. Is that blood coming from the shower head?
Get some of those mini-firecrackers that you can throw and they will pop. Put some on the toilet seat or on the edges of drawers for a scare.
Place a knife with ketchup on it on the victim's bed to make it look like it was the scene of a murder.
Turn all the pictures and posters upside down. Another test of their sanity...
If your victim is your roommate, switch the material in your waste baskets and pull his bed away from the wall a quarter of an inch every day. Sanity test...
Cut hair off of a doll and place it on the victim's bed. Nickname them after thier loss of hair.
For faucets with an optional squirt hose, rubber band the trigger down.
Obtain a large cellulose sponge, trim to make sure it is about 1/2" thick. Make sure edges are rounded to an other than square shape. Offer to cook dinner. Chicken fry the sponge.
Soak a roommates underware in water and tie it to things in the freezer (or outside if it's winter). This can be compounded by the option of house sitting during their vacation. If you do this to the underware in their drawer, they will only have dirt y undies from the vacation to ware. Ewww...
Fill a small box with the punch-holes from paper tapes. Remove the bottom and place it on a bookshelf. The victim will pick it up letting all the holes everywhere. Simple but sweet.
While your friend is sleeping, carefully water down his mattress.
When the victim is sleeping, make a shallow paper tray and tape it to his door and to the door frame near the knob. Fill it with unpopped popcorn. When he opens the door (from the inside, obviously) he'll have popcorn flung all over the place. Tough o n the vaccum too.
If the victim uses Head 'n Shoulders or Selsun Blue shampoo, and a few drops of methylene blue (available in pet stores) to a full bottle. Over time (if the victim is fair-haired), you will notice their hair turning BLUE, as methylene blue stains all organic material.
Buy a teddy bear with one of the 'buttons' manufacturers put in them to make the sound or music play. Tear it out and place it in the victim's pillowcase. Is it a dream?
Take their stuffed animals, soak them in water and put them in the freezer.
Make the cook of the house mad and peel all the labels off the canned foods in the pantry.
Prior to trapping the victim in their room by some creative method, plant a cellular phone that has had its keypad disconnected. Needless to say, keep calling!
While your dormate is asleep in bed sneak into his room and cover his entire floor with dixie cups that have been filled with water. Make sure you cover the entire floor not leaving any room to walk, when they wake up they will have no choice but t o drink their way out.
While dormee is in room with door closed take a grocery sack which has had some flour poured in it and crease the opening so that it can be slipped under the door. Once it has been slipped under the door jump on the bottom of the bag sending flour al l over their room.
At lunch, get some butter and a glass. Put the butter on the bottom of the glass and stick it, butterside up, to the bottom of the table. As soon as you do this, walk away from the table. Hopefully, someone will sit at the table. When they sit to eat, the butter will melt and the glass will fall.
Make a small, off-center hole in a can of shaving cream and then heave the can into the victims open door. As the pressure spews the cream out, it will spin the can and create a real mess.
Polish the floor and stick teflon to the legs of select items of furniture.
Butter all of the toilet seats and/or doorknobs in your wing of the residence. SlipSlip...
Get a lightbulb and remove the wire. Fill it up with Corn Flakes and flour. Hang it by a pulley and attach the rope to the door. When they open the door it will drop like a bomb. Be prepared to clean up...
Enter subscriptions in a neighbor's name to some filthy homo/bondage magazines you can find, and change his address by one so that another neighbor receives them.
For a pair of roommates, switch all or their possesions.
Tape together a bunch of sheets of newspaper to cover the victim's doorframe. Then tape a big sheet over the doorframe and leave a gap of about two or three inches between the sheet and the door. Fill the gap with paper balls right to the top of the d oorway. The victim will be showered with a barrage of paper balls. Obviously, the door has to swing in for this to work.
While someone is in the shower, take all their clothes and his towel and hang them outside. TeeHee...
When someone goes into the bathroom (or another room with a door that must be pushed open), tie one end of a rope or chain to the outside doorknob, and the other end to a fixed object like a dishwasher.
After making sure that the victim is out or sound asleep (if the victim is in make sure he can't get out), put a line of baby powder along the bottom crack of the door (or on a piece of paper and slide it under the door). Then use the blow dryer to sp ray the powder into a fine mist that will cover everything in the room. Messy...
Kidnap some small beloved object (teddy bear, etc.) or some embarrassing possesion of the victim (underwear, etc.). Once its owner has noticed it's gone, suspend it from a window in the dining hall, TV lounge, physics building, whatever.
Distribute a roommate's furniture throughout campus. Good reactions from everybody.
Once you have stolen a dormmate's room keys, reverse the lock (so the keyhole faces INTO the room). Then loudly announce to the victim you own the keys, but 'let' them win the race back to their room. Fix the phone to continually ring for an added eff ect.
Collect and stack a bunch of beer or coke bottles (make sure that they are glass) right in front of their door. Ring the door bell late at night so the occupants open the door and knock down the bottles. Crash...
If you have a week, fill a room with crumpled up newspaper or popcorn.
Pour vinegar in the open baking soda box and close the door. Mount Saint Whirlpool will erupt. Messy...
Put dry ice in the dish washer or washing machine and set the dial to 'Rinse.' Mount Saint Whirlpool will erupt again.
Take an old record album cover. Fill the insides with shaving cream and place it halfway under a locked door to the victim's room with the open end inside the room and jump on it. Messy...
Take someone's door and hide it for a while. You get great reactions from this one. They may not care at first but what happens when they want some privacy?
Subscribe your neighbor to a zillion different trial magazines. Especially ones that they wouldn't even dream to subscibing to.
When your victim is in their room, push on the door so that you can fit a penny between the door frame and the door. They'll be stuck!
Tie a string to the fire alarm's handle and neighbor's door. Knock on the door. DingDingDing...
Tie one end of a rope to someone's doorknob and tie other end to a doorknob across hall. Neither party will be able to leave their room. How long will they be able to bear their roommate?
In the winter, put a nice layer of water on the dorm floor and leave the windows open.
Get a few buds and tape a person up. Then leave. Packing tape works best and doesn't hurt THAT much when you rip it off.
Wait until lat on a school night. Get a friend and set up the room to look as if the two of you are busy studying for a test. Turn on some classical music at a low volume. Then, on que, begin jumping up and down and banging chairs against the floor. Y our dormmates living directly below you will go ballistic. After about 30 seconds, stop and return to 'studying'. The downstairs neighbors will come up to find out what's going on. What noise? Wait five minutes and call them (hang-up call) to make sure th at they are in their room. Then, repeat the process as many times. When you open your door, they should be sure by then that you are the culprit. Offer to help them find the culprit (this will really throw them off). Of course, YOU haven't heard anything, so they will most likely refuse. Repeat this prank periodically for maximum effect. The victim may begin to question their sanity.
In the early A.M. hours while it is still dark borrow something noticable from the house across the street. Put it in your victim's yard.
Leave old trash paperbacks around launderettes and other public places. Write inside the front cover: Property of Victim. I need this book for my thesis. If found, please return to address for a $50 reward.
Post ads around town for a garage sale at an unexpected person's house.
Get a somewhat long spool of rope, and when walking down the street (acting official), get someone to assist you in measuring a distance. Pick a spot near a corner, go around, and find another person to hold the other end of the rope.
Put a paper bag with dog doo on the person's front step and set it on fire. Knock on the door. The victim will stomp it out.
Fill a plastic garbage bag with water, shaving cream, cologne, etc., until it's about 1/2 full. Place it right next to someone's door. When they break the bag when they open the door, be prepared to help clean up. Real smelly.
Remove everything from someone's room and set it up somewhere else exactly as it was. Try moving it to the roof of a building, front courtyard of the residence, or in the dining hall. How'd that get there?
Cover the doorway with paper, just paper. Let the victim open the door, find the paper, and break it all down. Do this as many times as you wish. The next time, paper the door and either place bricks or a trash can behind the door. By this time, he sh ould just walk through the paper. Donk...
Take a plastic 35mm film canister, paper punch-holes and a can of freeze spray (at fine electronics stores everywhere). Fill the film canister with about 1/4" of freeze spray then add punch-holes until the film canister is at least half full, replace the lid on the canister. Set the canister on a desk or shelf. When the canister pops it shoots paper all over the area. Different amounts of liquid causes it to pop at different times. Fun to fool around with.
Remove the drain pipe from the sink and put a bucket of water balanced above the door, ready to fall on him when he opens the door. They're too smart too fall for the old Bucket-On-Top-Of-The-Door gag, so they take it and empty it into their sink.
Shred about 5 complete newspapers and put them in a 5 gallon bucket of hot water. Pour it on the victim's lawn. If they try to wash it out it will stick to the grass. If they let it dry and try to use a lawnmower to get it out, it will cling to the gr ass.
Thanks to Pavlov, we know know about a reflex reaction caused by a continual stimulus and some conditioning. Now, somehow get a talking parrot and a grandfather clock. Try to babysit your friend's parrot or give him one as a gift. Now, make sure they have a clock that goes off on the hour (ie. Grandfather). Train the bird so that every night at midnight when the stiumulus (clock) goes off it will say:
"I've come for your soul."
You have to keep the bird in the dark and only sa y it once! Give the parrot to the victim and watch his tired face.
Get syringe without the needle and mix it with epoxy and rubbing alcohol. Now, within 30 minutes, fill a door crack or any thing else you want to stay in place.
Armor-All is only visible when sprayed on concrete (and dried) during a rainstorm (or lawnsprinkler). You can then write all you want about friends all over the neighborhood. It lasts for a good couple of rain storms.
Glue a quarter to the sidewalk.
Go into somebody's home and turn everything in the fridge upside down. They'll wonder about their sanity.
Write "SEX" as big as you can with Vaseline in someone's bathroom on their mirror. For double the pleasure outline it with toothpaste.
Epoxy glue doesn't dry without the hardener; it just stays sticky. So, be creative with it. Try the toilet seat, doorknobs, etc.. Since it can be washed off, the victim will usually visit the sink. Put some on the faucets, too.
To really smell up and smoke a person's room, put Limburger cheeseon a radiator.
Body Pranks:
Hold a magnifying glass over someone who is sunbathing. Be prepared to run shortly after you do this.

Wave microwaved mayonaise under the nose of a person who is drunk and feeling queasy. Alternately start asking questions such as, "Would you like a cold greasy pork chop? How about an earthworm omlette?..."

Get some silver nitrate which has the odd effect of turning skin a blackish purple. Be creative.

Write all sorts of nasty messages in permenant marker on a persons body while they are asleep or passed out drunk. Put them in hard to cover up places.
Classroom Pranks:

Sucker freshmen into walking too close to an active Van-De-Graff generator.

Superglue EVERYTHING in a classroom down. Chairs, chalk, books, whatever. Don't be choosy.

When a teacher leaves the room, have everyone turn every desk and chair upside down. When the teacher returns be sitting on your chairs working as if nothing had happened.

When dissecting animals, take the liver (or some other brown organ) and place it in the instructor's coffee. Place parts from your dissection in various places around a caffeteria salad bar.
Tapes & Movie Pranks:
Crack open someone's audio cassettes and flip the tape over so that what comes out is pure gibberish.

Rent porn tapes from the video store and record something like Barney or the Wizard of Oz over them. Just imagine the next person who gets them. Better yet, do it the other way around or exchange the tape in their respective cases. (they aren't likely to check)

Don't rewind.
Miscellaneous Pranks:
When you see several folks relaxing in a hot tub, throw ice cubes into the tub. They'll wonder who's throwing stuff at them, but the cubes melt almost instantly leaving no evidence or clues as to who is doing it.

Release large numbers of pigeons into a gymnasium or lecture hall. Young pigs in the hallway are good too. Even better if they (pigeons or pigs) have been fed laxatives.

Place a tack inside their shoe

In the winter, place extremely large snowballs in front of the doors.
Release a chicken or similair noisy, relatively light animal between a dropped ceiling (the ones with the tiles) and the actual ceiling. They are tough enough to catch on normal ground....

During the part of a wedding when the minister/priest/etc asks "speak up now or forever hold your peace," send a small child running up the isle yelling "Daddy, daddy."

Light a paper bag full of shit on fire and place it on the victims doorstep and ring the door bell and run.

Superglue several quarters to a flat surface such as a bench or floor and watch people try to remove them.

Get some cones or barrels and divert traffic from a nearby street through campus or your workplace.

Advertise your principal's or boss's job in the local paper.

Put Flour on top of the blades of ceiling fans.

Separate the seat of your targetís office chair from its post. Fill the post with frozen raw shrimp and put the chair back together. Wait about a week. Feel free to go home during this time.

Throw those fake foam rocks which are availlable at novelty stores at someone. Works best when around real rocks such as in a geology class or outdoors.

Be obnoxious as possible while loudly speaking another language (german, french, or whatever). When you hear someone mutter something like, "I wish they would shut up," respond appropriately in perfect english.

Start quasi-political parties in school for the sole purpose of being obnoxious, meaning you don't really have anything meaningful to say. Make emblems and post them on everything in sight, march around spewing meaningless propaganda.

Every time you go to your mark's house, put a couple plastic forks, spoons, whatever in the silver ware drawer. Pretty soon they will empty it out and begin to think they are nuts.
Hire a stripper to appear in a high traffic area, such as a cafeteria during peak hours.

Fill several vending machines in a high traffic area with condoms and beer cans.

Take some soup or stew in a plastic bag. Pretend to toss your cookies, depositing the substance on the floor or table. Have a buddy look over and say, "Hey that looks good," and eat a piece of meat or veggie. May result in others nearby loosing their lunch as well.

Put every single chair from a large building in one room. The smaller the room the better. Also good near the entrance to a building.

Fill someone's umbrella with confetti, wait until a rainy day and enjoy.

Leave insect egg cases/clusters in innacessable areas.

Hand the principal/headmaster some small item when getting your diploma. Marbles, balloons, condoms, coins etc. Works best if everyone does it.
Tape at least four pieces of 81/2 x 11" paper end to end so you wind up with a 44-inch-long piece of pranking gold. Include on the sheets an endearing message, like "Yer a loser," or maybe photocopies of your butt. Dial the fax number of the victim. Feed the paper into your fax machine, taping the edge of the first piece (as it comes out) to the edge of the last, creating a continuous loop. Leave. Come back tomorrow.

Buy a voice changer at Toys 'R Us and answer the phone in strange voices.
Seal the boss's desk during their vacation in Suran wrap.

Computer Pranks:

Change the prompt on someones computer to be black on black. This is rather cruel if the person is computer illiterate. Very effective the day before a big project is due.

It is possible to play sounds remotely on some workstations (Sun SparcStations for instance). You can have all kinds of fun playing sounds like flushing toilets and other unusual sounds. Works best if the person is a relative newbie.

Run a XXX GIF slide show on the overhead computer projectors found in many computer rooms and large lecture halls. Very effective if done before a large class.

You may wish to superglue the drive doors shut as well as all the relevant power switches in the "on" position and the power cables to the wall and hide the keyboard.

Write a small program that prints "Formatting C:" and starts printing a series of dots at intervals afterwards.

Simulate disk access by contiuously creating and deleting an empty text file.

Write a daemon that sends each individual page of a print job to a different printer on the network. Select the printer at random.

Put an intercom inside a machine and then convince some nerd that it is an AI system with voice recognition.

Convince a newbie that there has been a virus going around that presents hypnotic patterns on the screen which can really mess up your mind. Then start up remotely or set to start at a particular time a fractal program of some sort. They'll probably panic big time.

Write a TSR that turns the keyboard on and off at short intervals. You'll watch the person try keyboard after keyboard. Can also swap keys using ANSI.SYS or xmodemap depending on the system.

Convert a XXX image to a bitmap and make it someone's OS/2 or Windows background. You can also change the background of someone's X-Windows session remotely as well as make pictures appear, and they can't stop you. Use XV or a similar program.

Rig the spring in a Macintosh floppy drive to fire the disk a good distance from the machine upon ejection.

Reverse the turbo switch so that the machine runs fast when it should run slow and slow when it should be fast.

If they haven't changed the default password for their BIOS, change it yourself and lock them out of their machine. Write fake disaster error messages that appear at random times.
In a computer room, swap 2 computer's monitor cables. When people use the computers they will be watching each others screen.
Try echoing some strange things into a newbie's autoexec.bat. "This computer has been infected with the newbie virus," or "I'm too tired to work today."
In Word 97, holding the ALT key down allows you to move or delete the buttons, even the menus. Move all of the menus so they're out of order, or, for more fun, move all the menus into the Window menu. Watch your co-worker go crazy! (Tip: you may want to save a backup copy of the NORMAL.DOT file found in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates. Then they can at least undo the damage without having to re-install)
Place scotch tape over a user's mouseball.
On a Macintosh, make a new folder. Place it on the desktop, and change the icon to look exactly like the folder in which everything on the computer resides. This folder is usually located on the top right hand corner of the desktop right after booting. Then change the icon of the original folder to be blank, so that there is no icon. This is best done by copying and pasting a little dot drawn in any application like Aldus or Clarisworks. Now change the title of the mimick folder to the name of the hard drive folder's name. Then change the name of the original folder to " ". (Click on the original folder, hitting the return key, let the title highlight, and hit the space bar.) Then move the original folder, which is now changed, to the lower left corner. Then move the mimick folder where the original folder previously was.
Unplug the mice and keyboard just enough to make them inoperable. Most users will reboot hoping to solve the problem. Time them for fun!
Have fun with Microsoft Word's AutoCorrect feature. Try replacing their name with "is a dork" every time.
Using ResEdit, make open "icn18" in the System folder. Take an icon, like the Trash for example (res# -3993) and copy and paste it to the "New Folder" (res# 3999). All the folders will show up as Trash! As will all New Folders created from the File Menu!
On an Amiga try swapping the mouse into port 2. Easy!
Take ONE key off the keyboard and take the spring out. A good one is "E" -- see if he or she can write that thesis without it...
One of the dumbest keys on the keyboard but one of the best for a great shen is NumLock. Newbies always wonder why "8" always movers the cursor up, and "3" does a PgDn!
Put a "Clapper", a sound activated on/off switch, in line with either the CPU or the monitor. Then make any sharp sound to turn the power off. When the user starts banging around, things will mysteriously begin to work again.
It is possible to play sounds remotely on some workstations (Sun SparcStations for instance). You can have all kinds of fun playing sounds like flushing toilets and other unual sounds.
Run a graphic slide show on the overhead computer projectors found in many computer rooms and large lecture halls. Very effective if done before a large class. You may wish to superglue the drive doors shut as well as all the relevant power switches in the "on" position and the power cables to the wall and hide the keyboard.
Write a small program that prints "Formatting C:" and starts printing a series of dots at interevals afterwards. Simulate disk access by continuously creating and deleting an empty text files.
Write a daemon that sends each individual page of a print job to a different printer on the network. Select the printer at random.
Rig the spring in a Macintosh floppy drive to fire the disk a goodly distance from the machine upon ejection.
Flip the write protection switch to the on position and give it to the newbie. It will keep him occupied for a while!
Try to find a users host and terminal-device (finger user / who -all / ...) and then login (or telnet / remsh / ...) to this machine. Type echo $YOUR_MESSAGE >> /dev/users_terminal. Use this to get rid of users if you need to login ($YOUR_MESSAGE = "Message from root: System shuts down in 5 minutes.).
Add this to the victim's .login or .profile:
echo sleep 3 >> .login or .profile as appropriate. Whenever they log in it adds a command to do nothing for three seconds on to the end of the person's login file. Every time the victim logs in it takes 3 seconds longer to do so.
Disconnect the target's mouse, and plug in a very long serial cable from the back of the target's computer. Connect the other end of the cable into another mouse in the room. Make sure that you're in the room when he tries to use his mouse, and you're actually controlling it.
If your target uses a lot of batch files, edit the three or four most popular ones and add the following lines to the beginning of the batch file:
@echo off
echo xxx is a dork > dork.txt
(where xxx is the target's name) The target will eventually find one of the many dork.txt files and delete it. Even if the target deletes ALL the dork.txt files, they of course keep coming back.
Change the Prompt to 'Bad Command or File Name', or 'Fatal Disk Error'
Record your "friend" saying something stupid then put that as their Windows startup.
On a newbie's computer, Create a .txt file with something creative such as 'A message from (newbie's computer company): We sold you a defective computer. Please come to our store with your receipt to exchange it.' In Windows95, save it in C:\WINDOWS\START MENU\PROGRAMS\STARTUP. In Windows 3.1, save it in their StartUp group. When the victim turns on the computer, this important text document will appear.
Put a password on the screen saver and write something creative on the srolling marquee.
Make a batch file with the same name as a program the user runs often and have it do anything you want.
Press the "PrintScrn" key and paste it to a paint program like Paintbrush. Save it as a .bmp file and use it as their wallpaper!
On Unix if you're on the local network use the "write" command to talk to some user. They'll get a message saying your username etc. Then before they can reply type "<EOT>" or whatever the log off prompt would be, thus they think you've just left and get back to their work. Wait 5 mins or so and send them fake error messages like "$ ERROR:/Reboot system" or press return a few times to ruin whatever they're typing.
On the Macintosh, use resedit and change the alert window so when you empty your trash it asks tells you that your hard disk is corrupted and the buttons will say Purge Data and Erase Hard Disk. Though the buttons will still do the same thing.
If you are in a computer lab, quit to DOS, type echo off then cls and watch the newbies cry.
Tack a simple recursive program to the end of the config.sys so the Win95 bootup screen never ends.
In Windows, go to the Control Panel and make the mouse double clicking speed the fastest it can be. It is almost impossible to double click that fast.
Make a batch file called DIR.BAT in the root directory and make the contents of that file @ECHO OFF on the first line and CTTY NUL on the second. This will freeze the PC when the user types DIR. They must reboot.
Once you have control of the computer, open Control Panel and change everything to black. Exit and close up Program Manager so the majority cannot be seen. This works fine as nobody can find the icons they need.
Carefully pry the top two corners of a 3.5" diskette apart and take out the tape. Then remove the tape from the round metal thing in the middle, and you have yourself a fake disk. Use creatively!
Obtain your roommates girlfriend's e-mail address. Proceed to write her love letters from a mysterious someone (don't use your own address to write her). This will create havoc.
Change the target's keyboard setting to a different layout. Be sure to have your Windows install disks handy.
For Windows 3.x users, you can set up a really pathetic screen saver, and then, through dos, rename their progman.exe file so that they cannot access it to change it. It also helps to hide and restrict the program manager file with the attributes so they can't get it back.
In Windows set the file properties for an application to open another application. Can't you just see the computer newbies trying to explain that one to their company helpdesk. They will be branded as idiots and freaks.
Switch the "M" and "N" keys on the keyboard. This is rarely noticed for some time, and works best when a person has a password with the letters "M" or "N".
Rewire all the monitors to different computers, do the same with the keyboards. When they come to turn them on they will not be what the hell is going on.
If a computer has Windows with some intro sound, turn up the volume to the max at the back of the computer.
Take the ball from the mouse. Tell them a mouse took it into the wall.
On a networked computer lab with one or two printers, run in there when it's really busy and hit Print Screen a helluva lot of times on one computer. Better yet, tape it down or jam the connection tube (you'll know what I mean if you rip the key cover off).
Put a cheese slice in the disk drive.
Rearrange the keys so they are in alphabetical order. Next time the newbie comes to the keyboard, they'll wonder why the 'A' prints out a 'Q'.
Turn the brightness down on all the moniters in the room. Everybody'll be bending over, glaring at the dimmed moniters.
Tell the newbie that the 'ANY' key is the big power button.
Disconnect a newbie's keyboard or moniter. It's amazing how long they stay stumped.
Open the mouse and tape the ball to the insides of the contraption.
Put silver nitrate or other soluble metallic salts on the keys to leave black stains on everyone's fingers. See who has been using YOUR computer. Make sure beforehand that the salt you choose does come off over time. Silver nitrate has been tested and works fine.
Rig the computer so that every time someone presses Enter the computer reboots.
Secretly change a buddy's .signature file for his e-mail. Replace his info with porn star credits, or call girl services. Be creative!
In Mouse, in Control Panel in Windows 3.1 or 95, switch the settings for mouse buttons from left hand users to right handed user's or the other way around. Works with the computer experts!
Here's one if your victim lives with their parents. Download a nude picture and save it to a disk. Then get on your victim's computer and place that image file in their startup group so the next time they turn it on it will put up the image.
In DOS autoexec.bat, 1st line: @autoexec.bat The system appears to "lock" up as it is in a continous loop (executing autoexec.bat). Ctrl-C breaks the loop. This was an exercise at Compaq several years ago for the repair cert's. They put it on the tightest (most compact) laptop and had the perspective techs "fix" the problem. One tech took the whole thing apart and replaced every card before someone told them what was up.
Change the newbie's prompt around...
C:\>prompt $p$g - C:>\
C:\>prompt $p - C:\
C:\>prompt $g - C:>
C:\>prompt $ - (nothing)
Use resedit or another editor and change the text in the windows from 'save in ten minutes' or whatever to 'system error type-91' or 'you must restart machine'.
For Macintoshes with System 7.5, make an alias of the Shut Down DA in the Apple Menu Items folder (which is in the System Folder) and put it in the Startup Items folder (also in the System Folder). Every time they startup the Mac, it will automaticall shut off! To fix this, hold down Shift at startup and drag the alias you created out of the Startup Items folder.
Fake Email can easily be sent by telnetting into the mail server of your choice, port 25. Then, type:
mail from:_____(victim e-mail)_____
rcpt to:_____(sender e-mail)_____
(your message)
Put a few cute aliases in a newbie's .profile or .login. Try: alias ls echo 'ls: command not found.' or alias vi rm
Work Place Pranks:

Staple ever unimportant paper on their desk together.

Fill an empty white out bottle with milk and replace it with your co-workers.

If your target has a computer, reposition the monitor everyday.

Fill an empty white out bottle with milk and replace it with your co-workers.

Put a live lobster or any other creature in the file cabinet.

If computer has speakers turn the volume all way up or way down depending on your mood.

Taping down the switch hook buttons on a phone gets some interesting reactions. When the mark answers the phone keeps ringing.

Program the victims's phone to forward to the office paging system.


Does your coworker have fish in the office? Take the fish and leave a ransom note.

If a coworker brings a bag lunch, switch the contents. It's even better if you switch it to something totally random. (beer, rubber cement, condoms, etc.)

Pull the labeled buttons off of their phone and rearrange the order and put them back on their phone. They won't be sure of which line is which or which connects them to the boss!
Tape your victim's telephone receiver down at top and bottom when they are away from their desk. When they come back, call them from your desk and watch them struggle to answer.
Put transparent tape over the read out of a calculator. It makes the numbers blurry.
If your boss wins some kind of prestigious award, manufacture a phony memo from the company president announcing the discontinuance of the award.
Buy a package of approximately 200 of those little paper bathroom cups and neatly arrange them all over the subjects desk. Then staple them all together and fill them with water. See how long it takes them to figure out how to get rid of this set-up wi thout spilling water all over their paperwork, files, computer, etc...
Take the paper out of the copier and write "Everything written of the flip side of this paper is a lie!" Put it back into the copier mixed with regular sheets.
Take one of your coworker's 3 1/2" floppies and label it something banned at your workplace.
Does somebody smoke at work when they're not supposed to? Put Ambesol on the filter of their cigarettes. Watch as their lips and mouth go numb when they light up!
Seal the boss's desk during their vacation in Suran wrap.
Get Valerian Root capsules (at health food stores) and when co-worker is away from desk, take his phone apart and open a capsule or two of Valerian Root in the mouthpiece then replace. Guaranteed to smell terrible!

At lunch, swap the worker's real food with look-a-like dog toys.

If someone is applying for a job, call them back and leave a wrong number. They go crazy for a while until you call them back apologizing.

If the drawers to the victim's desk has a board under it you can take the drawer out, take the contents out, put the drawer back in, but UPSIDE-DOWN! Then, while the upside-down drawer is partially opened, put the contents back in and close it. When t he unsuspecting victim opens the drawer, all the contents fall out!

If able to impersonate supervisors voice, call co-worker and have them write incident report/memo on "their problem". Watch as they turn it in.

This only works if Janitorial staff works late and not early. If you work in a building that has a no-smoking policy, buy a carton of (soft pack) cigarettes, an ashtray, and stay really late one night. Place the ashtray on the victim's desk. Light up about 5 cigarettes and place them in the ashtray. Throw away the rest of the cigarettes but keep the packs. Crumple them up and toss them all over the victim's office/cubicle.
Take some cellophane and open up the glue bottle. Put the cellophane across the opening, then close the bottle. Watch the victim try to squeeze glue out. They either open it up to check, or they squeeze to hard, breaking the cellophane and spraying glue everywhere.
Tell a new worker that everyone has tomorrow off because of the boss's religious beliefs. See if he shows up the next day.
Send a new employee for various mythical items such as: Double sided transperencies,Dehydrated Water Bucket of compressed air, A one molar solution of water, A stanchion remover, A bucket of steam, A phallopian tube, A long weight (long wait), A short weight, Short circuits, Lightning bolts, Skyhooks, A piston return spring, A left handed wrench, hammer, razor... Agent Orange (paint color), Sparkplugs for a car engine, A short/long stand, A chain stretcher, Hydraulic cement bender, Snowtires for the shopping carts

Tell a new employee that the management at the movie theater or other concession stand wants exactly 47 nachos on every tray and they'll get upset if the victim doesn't do it.
Phone Pranks:
Coat the reciever of someone's phone with shoe polish and then give them a call. Instant gratification. Make sure you match the colours of the polish and the phone. Small amounts of shaving cream work too.

Utilizing threeway calling, call two people you don't know and start a confused conversation that goes like, "who is this?" "Who is *this*?" "Why did you call me?" "Call you? You called me!" ...

Glue the victim's receiver down, and then start making lots of calls to the victim.

Call in pledges to your local public TV station in the victim's name. Be generous. Other charities work as well.

Switch on the intercom and tell the victim that the "person on the other end wants to talk to you." You'll hear them going "Hello? Hellooo?"...

Order them 4 large pizzas during the middle of the night
Appliance Pranks:
Purchase a "universal TV remote" from a place like Radio Shack. When walking by public TVs, such as those in a dorm lounge, change the channel without giving anyone any idea you are doing it.

Take a transciever like the ones ham radio operators use (3 watts or more is good) and push transmit while near a TV. Will have the effect of semi-scrambling whatever is showing. The more powerful the transceiver, the more the TV signal gets messed up. This does work on cable TV.

Leave toothpaste on the underside of light switches and doorknobs.

Use appliance timers to detonate stereo equipment at high volume.

Leave a copier to print 99 copies at 33% resolution on 8x14 paper.

Leave someone's furniture in a 99% di
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Further evidense that Tyrant is in fact, a 3 year old mentally retarded woman.
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Balki Bartokomous Feb. 4, 2002 - 8:49pm Viewing topic pranks in Spill Your Guts

plz balki no witty comments ty

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too late you dumb little pecker head
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gg's only plz!@?

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Please only pranks that

A. You have thought of yourself.

B. That you are willing to type yourself.
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Uhh i dont feel like reading it all unless its interesting
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