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Arrow Re: Rogue Spear....

Originally Posted by Sugar Merls View Post
When did you find this information? Is he still looking for people with ATI cards to test?
I can confirm that the ATI fix does work. My brother is back playing RS again, with his ATI HD 6870, and it works fine. I was going to install RS the other night, after I saw my brother playing in a 14-player game, on UO Warehouse District. It looked fun, and brought back some memories. I quickly tried to download and install the map packs, etc., but I kept running into an error that said the game isn't installed on my system, when I tried to enter the Voobly lobby. I'm sure it's an easy fix, I probably just forgot to download a file that makes it recognize.
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Re: Rogue Spear....

I was watching Evidence (VDP) playing RS on Voobly just last week. I had no idea what Voobly was and definitely missed this post, otherwise I would have known. But I was excited to hear that there's a community still playing RS in late 2014, even if it's still only 10-20 people a night. That's still enough for some gg's to occur. My favorite match-up was always 5v5 anyway.

I'm in the process of speccing out a new PC gaming rig, as I haven't had a proper one in years (thanks for the help there Skyway!). Once it's completed, I'd like to always have a copy of RS ready to go just in case the GGs come-a-callin' and there's folks needing help to pwn.

Like other members here have mentioned, gaming has always come in and out of my life depending on health issues or work situations, and RS / UO were always the best games I've ever played. The social scene was amazing and it felt like being part of a sports team. I think it's great we all got to experience that, at quite literally, the very beginning of the entire internet FPS gaming sub-culture. We helped shaped that culture, and that's pretty cool.

I took a few turns on Evidence's laptop playing RS on Voobly, though I didn't recognize any player names. But my muscle-memory was still fully intact and I got a big cheshire-cat-smile on my face from my first 3-kill in over 13 years. N00bs never had a chance... ya can't hide behind 3rd-person and CV when Carmen comes to town ^^
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