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Originally posted by macintosh@Aug 28 2005, 11:42 AM
Yeah I know what RAB is and where you guys are talking about.

But I'm assumign Regulus A. Black is Sirius' family. But who is he? Where do we read about him? What information do we have on him?
Is he the ex-headmaster of Hogwarts?
Very little is known about him, but he's Sirius's brother.

He was a known death eather, and because of that, the descriptions we hear of him in book 5 from Sirius are very jaded. Sirius pretty much called him an idiot in that book, and he even said he tried to pull out from following Voldemort, which got him killed.

In book 6, from Slughorn, we hear a small bit about Regulus, but it's a very positive bit. He just says he liked him a lot.

Also, if you guys picked up in book 5, when Harry and gang were cleaning out #12 Grimmauld, they stumbled across a heavy locket that they couldn't open. The locket they found could very well be the horcrux Harry and Dumbledore were looking for in the cave, and the fact that it is in the Black's house, almost guarentees that RAB is Regulus Black.
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all good theories are here. supporting dumbledoors alive. gl hf gogoog book7
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Re: Harry Potter

dumbledore was dead but in the magic world dead really isn't dead when they have magical headmaster portraits
Hello, I'm macintosh and I approve this message.

I like a man who grins when he fights.
Originally Posted by JOEBOOWORK View Post
Hey, deal with it man...besides, technically, this is a story about two closeted lesbians having a baby, and that shit better end up in someone's signature.
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