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I'm interested/researching joining the Army/AF ROTC (only ones offered at UM:CP and both look to be very good). How complicated are the classes? I'm considering signing up for an aerospace class, but I'm 1) not a very technical person and 2) not very interested in a technical career. Any info you guys could give me about it would be appreciated, I spoke with an AFROTC cadet today and it was interesting, but it was only for a few minutes. Thanks!
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Conq, I do not have any experience (personally) in being in ROTC but I have a nephew that spent 2 years in ROTC and then transfered to West Point. He graduated in the top 3% of his class and received his Captain stripes the day he graduated. Most people would have just gotten their 2nd Lt. stripes, but since he did so well and had 2 years of ROTC before he joined he advanced farther. I think it is a great deal, and you should go for it!



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I did AFROTC... not sure what school you're going to, but my Det was great. The "Aerospace Studies" classes are more about how the Air Force runs, history, doctrine, officership, etc as opposed to technical aero stuff. The classes are required for "enrolled" cadets and I can't imagine wanting to attend if you're not pursuing a commission or just "trying out" ROTC to see if it's for you. Biggest advice I could say is ROTC was pretty fun, but it's a training, commissioning source, and therefore not necessarily what an Air Force career would be like. That info you'd get from talking to officers serving... like any friends, or the Cadre (Air Force Officers that work at the AFROTC detatchment)
If it's something you'd be interested in, I'd go for it. I love my job and that's comparing it to my job in Seattle as a sysadmin. I get to do things, go places and work with people there's no way I'd be able to anywhere else... except maybe another government agency.
I wouldnt discourage you from looking at the Army program either if you're interested. They're completely different experiences and it'll depend on what you want. Air Force's quality fo life is better in most cases, but the Army can be "cooler" if you're looking to be more "in the weeds" with an M16 actually leading men. I've spent more time working with Army and Navy than my own kind while deployed and respect the hell out of em all.

PM me if you want to know more.
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