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F*ckin SPD Pedals

so i have spd pedals on my bike that you "clip" into...i took it out on the road the other day and bailed 3 times because i couldnt get clipped in...haha, fuckings take some gettin used to, i fell down at a stop light because i stepped off and the metal on my shoe was like steppin on black ice and i did a split falling down...i bailed 2 other times because i was gonna hit curbs...luckily i bailed onto grass and there was no damage to the bike...i think im gonna stick to the 10 + mile trail near me where there are no places to stop to cross traffic, too much of a pain in the ass

it was funny, the 3rd time i fell i was goin like 5mph tryin to clip my left foot in and i just couldnt get it and i saw i was gonna hit a curb but luckily there was a huge mound of sand/grass to break the fall so it wasnt anything...a lady rolled down her window and asked if i was okay, and some kids laughed at me, nothing more than a bruised ego...i did ride 40 miles though, leisurely over 3hrs and i do have 100 miles on the bike now so my confidence level is increasing despite the 3 wipeouts in one day, had 60 miles on it before on trails and was fine...didnt realize what a pain it was to clip in and out in traffic...arg! funny story anyway

thinkin about gettin those pedals that are like 2x longer and supposedly 10x easier to clip into...just dont want to blow 100 bux on them since i wont be doin any of that foolish stop and go stuff
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