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You can not vote!
You can not vote!

Vote Trump and save the Republic

I was wrong about Obama.

The man is a failure. His leadership has left us a legacy of ISIS, 1 million refugees, and BLM race riots.

My hatred of Bush and the neocons gave me optimism that Obama was something different in 2008. My hatred of the Tea Party and all the low-IQ manboobs known as "conservatives" in 2012 wanted to give Obama another chance in 2012.

I was wrong. Not that McCain or Romney would have been any different. I just see these neo-liberals for what they are now. Owned and operated by the same people that control the Republican party.

Trump is our last shot to clean this mess. If Hillary wins, we will be electing the same Bush regime-change policies that flooded Syria with weapons, bombed Libya, armed al Qaeda, armed ISIS, and flooded europe with refugees. All for their plan of "Greater Israel" to erase national borders in the "Levant".

This globalism needs to be purged from our government. Obama was a fraud. Bush was a damn fool. The Clintons are even worse.

If Hillary wins, I'll at least hang on to the fact that she will be indicted, and impeached. Whether it's for deleting evidence in an investigation, corruption in the Clinton Foundation, or an "Iran-Contra" type scandal once they uncover the true motivations for killing Gaddafi (gold dinar) or going after Assad (Qatar-pipeline) by arming jihadists for their Israeli-Saudi jew-wahabi masters.

If Trump wins, maybe he can purge the government of these neoconservatives and neoliberals. Restore the republic.
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