SworD: Happy Thanks Giving Weekend (Canadian TG lol ) Sk!dmark: Any of you guys ever played Vendetta Online? Brian: Holy cow it's been a long time... SworD: Cheers, Fuckers DB: Refs ruined everything in game 4 DB: checking in! Weed H0: TREX: What up!! SkywayTA: You there, boy, What day is this?! elvidner: Jet must still be mad I owned him in da face elvidner: After 14 years I'm still Powder puff 51 Card Deck: SworD: Happy Creep Day, all! SkywayTA: Nutop: SworD: [Roger] DB: checking in! Sk!dmark: Thanks for the info! SkywayTA: Hey Skid, good hearing from you. I've been doing alright, thanks. I am not sure what TC's contact info is, but I do know that he belongs to a couple of TUSclan Steam groups. Unfortunately, I haven't had a working computer in a while, to see if he has logged on to Steam lately. I'm sure somebody else here should have contact info for TC. If I had to guess, I would say Carmen Electra or jetnets may have his email address. Sk!dmark: Just wondered if anyone has Tomcat84's contact info. I'd like to talk to him about dad, I dont think he knows yet. Email address would be helpful. Thanks in advance