Teleios.9tn: Um - I would be interested in having a drunken political comms drop in from Joeboo right about now. lol Weed H0: Hi DB: checking in SkywayTA: ''You there, boy! What day is this?!'' One of these years someone will respond back with, ''Why, it's Christmas day!'' MaX: No sir. Every time I play Battlefield, I think of our Jeep jumping days jetnet: Do you still use the MX Records? I just deleted them. MaX: Who has the old Jeep Jump Video that they want to upload to youtube? DB: hi TREX: Jet, Any chance I can get you to update the MX record for this domain?? SworD: Waves SMURF_Super: Holy shit this is still here and my login worked DB: Happy New Year !!! SkywayTA: Ahoy, hoy! I forgot to say, ''You there, boy! What day is this!?'' SworD: Ahoy! - SkywayTA circa 2000 PaintballerZell: Ahh! SHOUTBOX! DB: gg's boys SworD: The Golden Era of GG's is indeed done lol... I actually have a 24 man BF4 Server ! GG ! TDM|SQD DM ! 40Hz Fast ! Votemap ! All the other servers were OFFICIALand are rife with hacks so mine is RANKED to keep the CHERTs out SkywayTA: You there, boy, What day is this?! JOEBOOWORK: Well that was a sad typo JOEBOOWORK: ')